Call It Official: This Is the Top Exterior Paint Color of 2023

There’s a new street-facing hue in town.

When it comes to exterior paint colors, sometimes we have a habit of sticking to the expected. Whether it’s shades of white, charcoal, or even black, the colors we’ve been painting our exteriors as of late have definitely been themed more toward the farmhouse aesthetic. But now is the time to usher in a new era where our exteriors carry a similarly soothing vibe to that of the paint colors we’re choosing for our interiors. You can cast your lot with one of the multitude of green or blue shades, set up swatches, order paint samples, and more, or you can simply opt for the color online landscape design company Yardzen is deeming the top exterior paint color of 2023. It’s Benjamin Moore’s Slate Blue and it’s a calm, soothing respite from the starker shades that we haven’t been able to shake over the past decade. 

Blue Exterior Homewood Cottage
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What's To Love About Slate Blue

Benjamin Moore Exterior Slate Blue Paint

Courtesy Yardzen

“Benjamin Moore’s Slate Blue has a vintage feel with its dusty, patinaed undertones, lending itself easily to Yardzen’s top overall outdoor style trend this year—organic,” says Kendra Poppy, Head of Brand at Yardzen. “We love this color because it's airy, crisp and makes a statement without being too saturated.” Poppy and the team are predicting a larger movement toward blue exteriors as we say goodbye to the black and charcoal exteriors that have been making their presence known for the past decade.

Kendra Poppy is the Head of Brand at Yardzen, an online landscape design company that aims to make the process of designing and building and functional space outdoors as simple as possible.

One of the reasons Slate Blue was able to clinch the title of top exterior paint color is its versatility—a must-have when it comes to most any paint color selection, whether interior or exterior, primary or accent. “We consider Slate Blue to be a ‘neutral blue,’ which means it pairs beautifully with many styles and plants,” says Poppy. Whether it’s the bright pastels of flowers or the cool greens of trees and shrubs, the gray-green undertones of Slate Blue creates a beautiful backdrop. It also delivers a warm counterpoint to natural elements like wood accents and stone pavers. 

Benjamin Moore Slate Blue Exterior Paint

Courtesy Benjamin Moore

What To Consider Before Choosing A Blue Exterior Paint Color

When determining whether this color will work for your home, it’s not all about what your paint color preferences might be. “Like any exterior paint, but especially with a blue shade and the back drop of a blue sky, you should consider your direct sun and cloud cover and the direction your home faces,” advises Poppy. “While this shade is cool, it may appear slightly warmer in intense south-facing sun.” If it skews too bold for a full-home façade, consider the details. “Trim, front door, and shutters would add a thoughtful, antiqued look to a home’s exterior,” Poppy says. 

It's no surprise that both homeowners and paint pros alike are starting to gravitate toward shades of blue on both the interior and exterior of our homes. “These lived-in shades can have a major visual impact, but at the same time, feel approachable,” offers Poppy. “In addition, calm exterior shades act as a beautiful backdrop to the natural tones and textures of landscaping, especially as we see a shift towards more wild and naturalistic planting styles like meadow or cottage gardens.” 

The charm and graciousness of these more serene exterior setups can’t be denied and, once you find yourself with an exterior that is equally as enticing as the interior, well, you might want to go ahead and pull that sofa out onto the porch. It’s time to make yourself comfortable and enjoy the dreamy respite you’ve created. It’s only fair.

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