With potatoes, pancetta, eggs, and cheese...what's not to love about this Spaghetti Carbonara turned potato salad? Well, here are a few of the reasons we adore it so. For one thing, this savory dish comes together with a few readily available ingredients (and don’t worry, it only sounds fancy). Watch the video above to see how easily it comes together. It’s rich, satisfying, and offers up a hint of tangy flavor from fresh lemon juice. For a nice texture contrast, hard-boiled eggs balance out crisp flecks of bacon.Try this served alongside barbecue chicken or pork and slaw. You can also use bacon instead of pancetta, if you like. No basil on hand? No problem. Swap it for cilantro, parsley or your favorite fresh herb of choice for a vibrant, green garnish that lends the dish a fun pop of color. You may very well want to cook up a double batch!

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