If you're already spending time outside around the grill barbecuing ribs, chicken, and pork chops – why not include your side dishes? This mouth-watering Grilled Mexican Corn Salad has gotten rave reviews from readers for its simplicity, fresh flavor, and tangy bite. The trick to this summer side dish? Grab a few ears of sweet corn and some fresh herbs from your local farmers' market to pull the recipe together. Using corn at peak ripeness brings sweetness to complement the tart lime juice in the salad, and crumbled Cotija cheese makes this simple side a little creamy. It may sound odd to brush your corn cobs with mayonnaise before grilling, but the addition of this classic Southern condiment allows the corn to be roasted evenly until golden. Once the corn is cooked, simply cut off the kernals and toss with the remaining lime juice, cheese, and chives. Could this savory salad get any easier?

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