Walmart Stores are Getting a Fresh New Look—Here's What to Expect

Your in-store shopping experience could be getting a makeover very soon!

Walmart store
Photo: Getty Images / Sundry Photography

Walmart stores across the nation may be in for a bit of a facelift if their incubator store in Springdale, Arkansas is any indicator. In an attempt to elevate the in-store shopping experience, Walmart is launching "Time Well Spent". The new store design encourages shoppers to touch, feel, and try items through experiential displays that show off some of the store's most exciting items.

In a viral TikTok video posted by user sydneyratcliff_8, viewers got to preview what they may soon see in their local Walmart stores.

The video starts by showing off an expansive Reebok activewear section reminiscent of what you might see in a department store. The "store within a store" experience also features TV displays showing videos of athletes working out in the clothing.

There's also a decked out nursery display complete with a crib, rocking chair, rose watercolor wallpaper, wall art, and a QR code directing shoppers on where they can find each of the products for purchase within the store. Strollers and car seats are assembled and ready to take for a test drive to further enhance the buying experience.

Another home display shows a styled living room featuring furniture and decor items from Walmart's Queer Eye collection including a deep green velvet couch, oak coffee table, and neutral rug. A bedroom display features Gap bedding in shades of blue and white.

We can't wait to enjoy some "time well spent" at our local Walmart very soon!

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