5 Things Designers Always Buy At HomeGoods

Bet you can’t guess the last one.

There's nothing more therapeutic than a walk through HomeGoods. It's a walk that often pays off (literally) in the form of a well-priced find. "With a good eye, HomeGoods can provide some much needed essentials that will have others questioning if you spent $20 or $200," shares Mary Lambrakos of Lambrakos Studio in Houston, Texas. Part of the fun is their vast and ever-changing assortment, but it can also be overwhelming—which is why we reached out to the pros for their best tips on when to go and what to look for.

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First up, when to go: HomeGoods Style Expert Beth Diana Smith recommends asking your local store what day they restock so you can have first dibs, as well as visiting in the morning mid-week. Once you're there, she suggests starting with the perimeter and then tackling the center, which will allow you to go through the larger items first and have them held at the front of the store for checkout later.

Now that you know where to look and when to go, here are five things designers always buy at HomeGoods.

Baskets & Bins

Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors in Louisville, Kentucky, swears by HomeGoods for a large, well-priced selection of baskets and bins. Here's the best part: "Unlike some other discount stores, they will stock multiples of the same item so you won't be left with a mismatched storage solution," she says. If you've ever left HomeGoods with a single lamp or pillow when you really wanted two, you know how game changing that is.


Every space needs a great piece of art, which you might just find at HomeGoods—for a lot less than pricey, less attainable original art. "You can often find pieces starting at less than $50, making it easy to explore different mediums and styles for less," explains Smith. The selection is also inclusive. "I love incorporating art from Black artists in my home and have always found a variety to choose from that I typically don't find at other big-box stores," she continues.

Trend Pieces

HomeGoods' rotation of items, while sometimes a bummer if you missed out on something you wanted, can also be a strength. "HomeGoods often has of-the-moment, unexpected pieces that showcase trendy materials and styles," explains Smith. This is helpful because you can save a majority of your money for investment pieces like couches or sofas that anchor a room while still testing out the latest and greatest.

Small Accessories

"If I have a client who asks me to style their house or if I'm doing a photoshoot on a new project, one place I frequent for accessories is HomeGoods," Allison Jaffe of Allison Jaffe Interior Design in Austin, Texas, shares. "I like their selection of knick-knacks for tables and bookshelves, decorative pillows, and faux plants for those who might not have a green thumb."


Sound random? It's actually not. "From beautiful, tall, clear cylinders to delicate vases, many of these objects are made in European countries known for their glass making techniques," says Lambrakos. "The key is to look for simple, well made 'objects' that, with a beautiful flower arrangement or tablescape, can inspire."

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