7 Ways You Can Save Money When Shopping at Publix

An editor’s guide to saving money at Publix.

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We must agree that grocery shopping at Publix, the Lakeland, Florida-based grocery chain whose motto is "Where Shopping is a Pleasure," is a delightful experience. However, we think saving money during a grocery shopping trip can make that experience even better.

To ensure that you save on your next grocery run, we created a list of seven easy ways you can save money when shopping at Publix to make buying groceries more affordable. Follow these shopping tips and you'll love to see how much you can save on our next grocery haul. Just check the bottom of your receipt to see your total savings at checkout!

Read the Weekly Sale Ad

Every Wednesday (or Thursday depending on your area), Publix releases their sale ad for the week. This is a great starting point for making your grocery list for the week based on what will be on sale.


Each week, Publix offers more than 30 products at "Buy One, Get One Free" pricing. In some locations, you can get items that are part of the BOGO deal for half price when you just buy one, while other states you must buy one at full price to get the second for free. Check with your local store for the policy in your area.

Create a Club Publix Account

Club Publix is a free loyalty program that offers special savings for members. You simply enter your phone number at checkout so perks and savings can be applied to your transaction. Creating a Club Publix account will not only allow you to view the weekly ad and make a grocery list, but you'll also get special offers and a free birthday treat. New members can get $5 off $20 for signing up.

Buy Publix Brand Products

Store brand products are often offered at a lower price than national brands without sacrificing quality. Publix Brand, Publix Premium, and Greenwise brand products can be found throughout the store. If you try a store brand and are not satisfied with your purchase, you can get a refund.

Clip Digital Coupons

Club Publix members can clip digital coupons for additional savings. Simply clip the coupon in the app, add the items to your cart, and enter your phone number at checkout to take advantage of the coupons you've clipped.

Shop the Clearance Rack

Most stores have a clearance rack placed somewhere in the store. Items with an orange tag are offered at a clearance price. The orange clearance tag also means the item will soon be unavailable, so stock up if you see your favorite items at a reduced price.

Always Check Your Receipt

The Publix Promise guarantees that if an item rings up incorrectly at higher than the advertised price, you will get one unit of that item for free.

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