This Galvanized Planter Will Help Start Your Dream Garden

It's on sale now, so grab yours while you still can.

Crirax Galvanized Raised Garden Beds
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It's not the time to be gardening, ask anyone in the South. The highs are hitting triple digits by late morning and there's not a breeze to be found rustling the leaves of trees from dawn to dusk. I should know better than to let my garden aspirations take hold during this ruthless season, but here we are as I sit with the Crirax Galvanized Raised Garden Bed ($199.99) in my Amazon cart just waiting for me to hit the virtual checkout. With the 12-in-1 planter box currently priced at 13% off, now is the time to take the plunge—triple-digit heat index or not.

The kit is designed to work with 12 different configurations, meaning it's meant to fit the space you're working with, not the other way around. You can choose from circular, rectangular, oval, or more linear shapes, but be sure to review all the options on the product page prior to purchasing to confirm it will work with your garden's setup. Once it arrives, you'll find that all the parts you need are included and the build is as simple as settling on a shape and tightening a few bolts.

The Crirax Galvanized Raised Garden Bed is currently a #1 New Release in its category, so you might soon find it hard to get your green thumb on one. Once you do though, it should be set to last. With double-sided anti-corrosive galvanized walls, it's meant to stand up to the elements so your veggies, herbs, and fruits are primed to thrive season through season.

One issue that you'll often find with raised beds, pots, containers, and the like is that they have closed bottoms or limited drainage. This can spell problem city from the start, but most definitely once the plants start to mature. The folks at Crirax designed this raised bed with an open bottom to allow for proper drainage into the soil below. This feature also encourages roots to grow deeper and is beneficial to the overall health of the plants. If you're thinking about just plopping it at the end of your driveway or atop your back porch though, it probably isn't the planter for you. It's meant to sit in a garden where it can take full advantage of the earth below.

Now if we were really channeling our favorite small screen chef, we would set up at least three to four of these little beauties complete with gravel paths between and tidy rows of boxwoods bordering the entire scene. It's ambitious, but we're sure Ina would be in full support. Now if only something could be done with this heat.

BUY IT: $199.99 (originally $229.00);

If you have children or grandchildren frequently running around your yard, the smooth edges make for a safe addition so the little ones won't risk cuts or scrapes when helping with the harvest—which they will most assuredly want in on.

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