9 Things Our Editors Buy at Costco Every Holiday Season

Add these editor favorites to your list this year.

While there are so many things to love about shopping at Costco year-round, there's something even more thrilling about shopping at the members-only store during the holidays. Not only does Costco have the household staples you need to keep your home stocked and clean during the busy holiday season, but there's even more to shop including holiday decorations, seasonal foods, and plenty of gift options.

We're sharing the items Southern Living editors buy at Costco each year to prepare for and celebrate the holidays. If you don't already have a membership, these holiday buys just might convince you that now is the time to join in on the fun—and savings!

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Kirkland Signature Praline Pecans

Homes and Features Editor Betsy Cribb recommends the Praline Pecans from Kirkland Signature. "They're delicious for topping salads, plus they're an easy happy hour nosh to set out in a bowl for guests."

Wine and Spirits

Whether you want to keep wine on hand for hostess gifts or will be doing a lot of entertaining in your home, Costco offers their warehouse prices on a wide selection of wine and Champagne. The wholesale store also sells liquor that is generally offered at a lower markup price than its competitors. "It's a great place for buying big quantities of wine and liquor for punches," says Associate Editor Mary Shannon Hodes. Texas Santa Punch is a favorite recipe.

Beef Tenderloin

"My dad always gets our beef tenderloin from Costco for Christmas dinner," says Assistant General Manager Anna Price Olson.

Fresh Vegetables

Assistant Food Editor Alana Al-Hatlani turns to Costco for vegetables. "I always buy veggies like Brussels sprouts and asparagus at Costco because they come in larger packages and are usually a good deal for when you have to feed a crowd."

Kirkland Signature Fresh Baked Pumpkin Pie

Costco's 4-pound pumpkin pie has gained quite the following over the years. Senior Staff Writer Meghan Overdeep shares, "These pies are gigantic, delicious, and affordable. My parents always have one on hand during the holidays to feed the rotation of guests."


You can find both fresh and faux garland at Costco during the holiday season. The chain carries fresh garland for a short time, but if you aren't able to get your hands on it before it sells out, they have a pretty faux option as well.

Assorted Cheeses

Costco is the ideal place for holiday hostesses to stock up on cheeses for charcuterie boards. "Cheese can be expensive, so it's more affordable if you're needing a decent amount," said Associate Editor Kaitlyn Yarborough.

Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

"I only have a Costco membership for Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels," says Senior Digital Food Editor Kimberly Holland. "I give them as gifts, and I buy about 4 tubs for myself and ration them out the rest of the year like they're gold at a bank." She warns that they're only available at the holidays, and they sell out fast.

Plastic To-Go Containers

It's a great place for stock up on to-go containers so you can send your guests home with leftovers. Then, you won't have to worry about getting your containers back later!

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