10 Things Our Editors Always Buy at H-E-B, Texas' Favorite Grocery Store

These might be worth a trip to the Lone Star State.

Photo: Courtesy H-E-B Newsroom

It's no secret that Texans love anything that's, well, from Texas. Beyond Buc-ee's, Whataburger, and Tex-Mex queso, Texans have overflowing hometown pride for H-E-B. The grocery store chain is not only known for giving back to others and being the undeniable favorite amongst Lone Star groceries, but also for its impressive selection of products, in-house prepared foods, and specialty items that you'd probably only find on the aisles of Texas. The San Antonio-based chain vows to deliver convenience and quality at a wallet-conscious price, which might be why it's forged such a loyal constituency since its founding over 100 years ago.

Whether you're a regular H-E-B shopper or just planning to stop in on your next visit to the Lone Star State, here are the best products you'll find in H-E-B that our editors love to shop.

Fresh Tortillas

Made in-house daily, H-E-B's fresh tortillas were a favorite among numerous Southern Living Editors. Choose from corn or flour!

Whataburger Sauce

"Squeeze bottles of the Spicy Ketchup and Jalapeño Ranch, specifically." –Ivy Odom, Editorial Producer

Fresh Guacamole

Also made in-house and beloved by more than one Southern Living Editor, H-E-B makes guacamole that could easily beat many restaurants. "Super fresh and made with the perfect amount of zingy lime juice, it's my secret shortcut when hosting." –Kaitlyn Yarborough, Associate Digital Editor

Cranberry Pistachio Bread

A recommendation of San Antonio native Paige Grandjean, this bread is even better warmed up. Hit the bakery section for a wide selection of freshly made breads and pastries.

Dark Chocolate Bars

"They come in so many fun flavors, including Hatch Chile!" –Brennan Long, Senior Editor

Texas Tough Aluminum Foil

As well as parchment paper or plastic bags—all under the Texas Tough branding. Dependable!

Texas Pecan K-Cups

If you see this native (and in-house) coffee on your H-E-B grocery run, stock up. You won't find it elsewhere.

Our Finest Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

H-E-B's house-branded toilet paper, this item is quite literally a staple and a luxury rolled into one.

Hatch Green Chile Salsa Verde

This salsa is technically under the Central Market brand but sold at H-E-B. (Central Market is the chain's upscale counterpart.) The H-E-B salsa selection in general is not to be missed, including the Jalapeño Salsa, according to Anna Price Olson, Assistant General Manager.

Fresh-Made Tortilla Chips

To scoop up all the salsa and guacamole, of course.

If you hadn't planned a trip to Texas yet, your hungry belly might want you to now.

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