6 Things Our Editors Buy At Target That Always Hit The Bullseye

Who knew there were so many things we couldn't live without?

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We've all heard the story about a friend who pops into Target to buy one thing and leaves the store an hour later with over 10 items in her cart that she could not live without. If we are being honest here, we've been that friend on more than one occasion. Target first opened its doors in 1962, and since then the department store has been the one-stop-shop for all of your needs from home decor to toothpaste. A search of the beloved brand on Instagram or Facebook will bring up countless bloggers and groups dedicated to Target finds.

When it comes to the discoveries at the store, quite a few of us in the Southern Living office feel like we're experts on the subject, and like the generous Southerners we are, we decided to share some of our top picks with you. While we worry that you might sell out some of our favorites we have kept secret for years, we give you our blessings to add these items to your cart.


Need a perfect hostess gift or just a little something to treat yourself? Invest in a candle, more specifically, a Target candle. Our editors love to shop at Target for their wide selection of this particular staple. From seasonal candles to year-round favorites, Target has some of the best candles available anywhere, and usually for a cheaper price. Hannah Zepeda, who works as a content manager for Dotdash Meredith, believes she has found the perfect dupe for the Capri Blue Volcano from Anthropology, for a much more reasonable price. Editorial Fellow Hallie Milstein says her favorite candle from the retailer "smells like a spa," and the pricing starts at just $10.

Stocking Stuffers

As the holiday season approaches, Target is the place to go for all of your decorations. If you are on the search for something small, don't forget to peruse the $1 to $5 section in the front of the store. "They have the best stocking stuffers and little gifts. They're all so thoughtful and fun without being junky or boring," says Kimberly Holland, Southern Living's senior digital food editor.

Wrapping Supplies

From the gift itself to the paper it comes in, you don't have to look further than Target. Home and Features Editor Betsy Cribb loves this particular craft paper, which can be used to wrap gifts all year long. She explains, "it's an inexpensive option when you're wrapping lots of gifts, and it looks especially handsome paired with green satin ribbon." Particularly for the holidays, Target has an unbeatable selection of fabulous ribbons. Editorial Fellow Mary Alice Russell's grandmother reuses her Target ribbons on similarly sized boxes year after year.

Home Decor

It is impossible to talk about Target and not mention home decor. When it comes to little details that make you feel at home, like throw pillows and blankets, Target always delivers. When moving into her new apartment, Hallie Milstein went straight to Target to make her space feel more like a home. When it comes to decorations for any holiday from 4th of July to Christmas, Target has a good selection of festive finds. Assistant Food Editor Alana Al-Hatlani recently went into the superstore to pick up some Halloween decorations for her home to make sure she was ready for spooky season.


If you do not have the time or think you will be too tempted in store, you can browse Target's website like Southern Living's Office Manager Nellah McGough. She found this inexpensive bedspread in white online and absolutely adores it. "It cost more to monogram the two pillow cases than the bedspread set," she shares. What can we say? We love a good deal just as much as we love to invest in a monogram moment.

Home Organization

With all of the items you've purchased from this list, you might need to invest in some new storage options. Don't worry, our editors have thought of that as well. Assistant General Manager Anna Price Olson loves these clear storage bins and uses them throughout her home. "They stack and have been a lifesaver in my laundry room for organizing cleaning supplies and in my closet for holding clutches," Olson explains. Target also has a great selection of kitchen storage options. Kimberly Holland says these trays saved her spice cabinet.

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