This Self-Cleaning Broom And Dustpan Is A Dream For Pet Parents

It comes backed with more than 8,000 5-star ratings.

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kelamayi Broom and Dustpan Set for Home,Broom and Dustpan Set


Sometimes a quick sweep rather than a full-blown vacuuming expedition is the way to go. Whether it was the smattering of dirt on the floor from my windowsill rosemary planter or the fur, dust, and dirt that gets stuck against the floor moulding, there are times when broom is best. Even the fanciest vacuums can’t compare to the ease of a good old-fashioned dust pan and sweeper. Now imagine if the convenience of your broom was matched with updated functionality to help you avoid manually removing pet fur and clumps of dust every few feet? This self-cleaning broom is the stuff of a pet-owner’s dreams and it will have you howling with delight every time you spot a mess worth sweeping.

One of my favorite things about this dustpan is that it stands on its own. It’s a bonus both for storage and for moments when you need an extra hand as you sweep with one and hold the dog back from sniffing your neat little pile with the other (oh, just me?). In addition to its upright design, the dustpan features a comb at the top where you can gently run the bristles through to unhinge any straggling pet hair or dust. Say goodbye to plucking the mess out with your bare hands. 

The four layers of bristles will do a good job getting the dirt to the pan but, as we all know, those tiny specks of dirt, sand, and more can be easily trapped just below the lip. I usually resort to the dust buster as the final step in my sweeping process, but this set requires no additional tools thanks to the pan’s rubber lip that sits flush against the floor. The dustpan stands 39.76-inches tall, the same height as the broom when not utilizing the optional extension rod. When the rod is in place, the broom reaches 51.8 inches to cover every nook and cranny, which means you won’t be bending or over extending all in an effort for clean floors, corners, and ceilings (it’s the quickest way to clear cobwebs). 

 kelamayi Upgrade Broom and Dustpan Set


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When it’s time to store, the broom clips onto the dustpan. The two can get tucked behind the laundry room door or stand in a closet, out of sight but probably never out of mind. Rest assured it will be love at first sweep. 

At the time this story was published, there were nearly 1,000 5-star reviews and more than 8,000 5-star ratings. One reviewer put it this way: “I have a poodle and a flat coat retriever that shed as if it's their only job in life and [they’re] fighting to be the employee of the month. This was a complete game changer for me!” Deciding to add this to your cart won’t be the hard part. Deciding which color to go with, on the other hand, is a different story. Choose from pink, green, gray and orange, black and gray, gray and yellow, or black and red.

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