Scallops never cease to amaze us with their buttery flavor, tender texture, and amazing versatility. There's just something indulgent about these seafood treats that can be enjoyed sautéed, baked, or grilled and served atop a salad, as a standalone entrée, or with your favorite surf-and-turf entree. Scallops have a subtlety of flavor that makes them universally popular, and we love them even more because they’re easy to cook! As if you need any more excuses to go grab some fresh scallops for dinner tonight, these Grilled Sweet-and-Sour Scallops are sure to win over your taste buds. Start by soaking the wooden skewers, marinating the scallops in rice wine and ginger, and firing up your grill. You can make your tangy glaze in a saucepan thrown right on the hot grill, which you’ll use to baste the scallops while cooking. (We like to brush on some extra after the scallops are on the plate.) So what’s holding you up? Fire up that grill and get going on these scallops!

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