Scotty McCreery Excited For Baby Avery’s First Christmas

Merry first Christmas, Baby Avery!

Scotty McCreery

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On October 24 of this year, Scotty McCreery and wife Gabi welcomed their first child, Merrick Avery McCreery, whom they are calling Avery. The proud papa recently spoke with Southern Living as baby Avery cooed in the background. “It’s been the best thing that I’ve ever done and we’re only 7 weeks in but it’s pretty incredible being a dad. I know, it’s tough to even remember life without him. It’s not even been two months yet.” McCreery also spoke about watching his wife Gabi become a mother. “She’s got this twinkle in her eyes. I think she was just made for this kind of thing. So Avery’s very lucky to have her as a mom and I help out where I can, you know. But there’s only so much I can do at this stage. But just sitting back and watching her do her thing is pretty incredible.”

Life has changed for the McCreery household over the last two months. “The house is a lot different. Just downstairs the floor is just a bunch of play things for him and little mats. Everywhere you look there are pacis laying on this table and a lot of mats. Just stuff from Avery all over now. And then I still have my studio here that I can record out of but our guest room is now his nursery. So if anyone wants to come hang out for the night they’re gonna have to be on the couch because Avery has the room.”

Moose, the dog, has also adapted to the new addition. He has learned that he is no longer the constant center of attention. “We still give him plenty of loving, but he’s never been the biggest cuddler of a dog. He doesn’t cuddle all that much. But I’ll be on the couch and Gabi will be holding Avery and Moose will just come plop up and lay all 65lbs of himself right on me. And it’s just like, well if Avery’s gonna be held then I wanna be held too,” he said with a chuckle. He added, “he gives Avery lots of kisses and I think he knows that’s his brother and Avery’s here to stay.”

The American Idol season 10 winner is now looking forward to all the firsts he and Gabi will get to witness with their son, especially Christmas. 

“This first Christmas for him, he’s not going to remember presents and stuff. But I still think being around the tree for his first Christmas and seeing what Santa brought him and all that stuff. We’ll take plenty of pictures and have a big time with him for that.”

McCreery looks forward to Avery enjoying Christmas as he grows up too, just as he did. 

“I just remember how fun it was. You know, on the digital clocks, like all the little ticks. I’d be counting them. For each number. Waiting for, I think it was 7am was when we could finally leave our rooms and go see what Santa brought.”

But he also said he wants his son to remember “the reason for the season,” and plans to carry on family traditions with the next generation.

“My family always read The Christmas Story out of Luke on Christmas Eve before we went to bed. Carrying on those traditions with him. That’s something I’m looking forward to.”

“And we’ll be in Louisiana this year for Christmas with Gabi’s family. So just being able to share him with family and everybody getting to be together. We have a little nephew and niece we’ll get to see too down there. Niece was born almost 2 months before Avery. So it will be fun for everybody to hang out.”

McCreery is looking forward to family time, good food, and a fun Cajun Christmas in Louisiana. Hopefully he’ll get some time to rest up because he’s heading out on the Damn Strait tour in January and gearing up for what he says will be a busy 2023. 

Rest up and enjoy the holidays, McCreery family! And merry first Christmas, Avery!

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