Scott Stallings The Golfer And Scott Stallings The Realtor Meet At The Masters After Invitation Mix-Up

“I feel like I’ve entered the adult Disney World”

Scott and Scott Stallings
Scott Stallings .

Atlanta realtor Scott Stallings, who shares his name with PGA golfer Scott Stallings and was accidentally invited to play the Masters, did in fact get to visit the hallowed grounds of Augusta National this year as a special guest.

The realtor mistakenly received the golfer’s invitation back in January. He and his wife thought someone had sent them tickets to the tournament.  

The realtor humorously documented his journey with the invitation on social media, filming himself reaching out to the golfer and sadly mailing the invitation to its rightful recipient.  

Meanwhile, the golfer had started to get nervous that he hadn’t yet received his coveted invitation. 

“I was convinced my wife had it,” Stallings told ESPN

When Stallings’ wife swore “on their children” she didn’t have it, the golfer wondered “where in the world is this thing?” 

And so the golfer documented receiving the invitation, walking out to his mailbox and saying, “finally got it.” 

His wife can be heard off camera saying, “I told you I didn’t have it.”  

Golfer Stallings said “it meant a lot more to me than I thought it did” that realtor Stallings and his wife made such an effort to get in touch with him to return the invitation.  

He rewarded that kindness with practice round tickets and dinner in Augusta. When realtor Scott Stallings arrived, he got a surprise that he’ll cherish forever: the invitation.    

Golfer Scott Stallings framed the Masters invitation—the one he’d received in error back in January—and signed it, “from one Scott Stallings to the next.”  

Scott Stallings

For the realtor and his wife, the week was a “dream come true” as they’d never been to the tournament but have always wanted to go.  

“I feel like we’ve entered the adult Disney World,” Stallings told WSB while watching the golfer in Augusta.

Scott and Scott Stallings with Masters Invitation

Scott Stallings

Golfer Scott Stallings had a good week in Augusta too, finishing at even par for the tournament tied for 26th, his best performance in his three trips to the Masters.  

Realtor Scott Stallings said the golfer could’ve been helped along by the new legion of fans—his friends—who are pulling for him in name only.  

“I read somewhere that Masters viewership was up this year and I think that might’ve been us, watching Scott,” realtor Stallings laughed. 

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