In A Case Of Mistaken Identity, Atlanta Realtor Scott Stallings Got Invited To Play The Masters

This is a story Scott and Jenny Stallings will be telling for years.

Scott Stallings and Scott Stallings

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Atlanta realtor Scott Stallings thought someone had sent him tickets to the 2023 Masters golf tournament when he opened a package addressed to him that contained a green envelope with the tournament’s distinguishable green branding.  

Confused, he checked the outside packaging again and confirmed it was his name and the address to his vacation property in Saint Simons Island, Georgia, where he and his wife Jenny had come to ring in the new year.    

Then he read the letter inviting him not just to attend the Masters but to compete and play in the 2023 Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia, in April.  The letter was signed by Masters Chairman Fred Ridley.  

Once he read that, Stallings said with a chuckle, “Ok well now I know this isn’t for me.” 

He was right. The invitation addressed to him was intended for PGA professional golfer who shares his name - Scott Stallings.  

Stallings jokes that he briefly considered just showing up to Augusta National with the invitation and his golf bag to see if they’d let him play 

“I think I did see a couple of green twinkles in his eyes,” Stallings’ wife Jenny said.  

But the couple always knew they had to get the invitation into the hands of its rightful owner and so they sent the real Scott Stallings a direct message on Instagram, explaining the mixup.  

They assumed the golfer didn’t believe them because he replied to the message with a laughing emoji.  They followed with a picture of the invitation and said, “I’m really not kidding I promise.” 

The next day they woke up to find that their message had exploded on the internet after the PGA professional posted it on Twitter, “Literally had been checking the mailbox five times a day and then got this random DM yesterday.”  

Invitation to the Masters

Scott Stallings

Scott Stallings DM

Scott Stallings

The two Scott Stallings eventually connected on the phone and realtor Stallings made plans to send golfer Stallings his Masters invitation.  

Stallings’ wife Jenny filmed him outside the UPS store because when a Masters invitation accidentally makes its way to you, he said, you cannot just stick it in the mailbox and mark it “return to sender.” 

“We have tracking numbers, Santa radar to make sure it gets in the right hands,” Stallings said.  

Stallings said his “heart sunk a bit” handing over and there was a bit of tug of war with the lady at the UPS store when he had to hand it over and eventually let go.   

“I knew I had gold in my hand,” realtor Stallings said.  

Playing and competing in the tournament might not be in the cards for realtor Stallings, but golfer Stallings has invited him and Jenny to come to Augusta for a practice round and to have dinner with him and his wife, also named Jennifer to make things even more confusing.  

The Stallings

Scott Stallings

Stallings said he’s never been to the Masters and he will absolutely be taking up golfer Stallings on his offer and cheering him on to win the green jacket.  

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