Bah Humbug: America Is Suffering A Nationwide Santa Shortage

Amidst skyrocketing demand, Santas everywhere are hanging up their red coats.

Santa Claus Chair

chameleonseye/Getty Images

Santa Claus has always been a hot commodity during Christmastime, but this year, the nation’s supply of St. Nicks is struggling to meet the demand for big white beards and friendly knees. 

According to a new report from Today, companies that specialize in booking entertainers to play Santa Claus are experiencing “skyrocketing demand” and full calendars.  

"Well, right now, as we’re heading into December we’re pretty much sold out on all weekends across the country,” HireSanta founder Mitch Allen told Today. “Like if you want a Santa on a Saturday, you just can’t do it.”

Speaking with WXIN, Allen said that demand for Santas is up 30% year over year. He attributed this increase to people looking to return to tradition and make up for lost time during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Santa workforce, however, is still reeling from the effects of Covid-19. Many Santas are older and simply don’t want to take the risk. 

”Over the last three years, unfortunately, we lost a great number of Santas due to Covid,” Allen told WXIN. “Whether that be health conditions or deciding to hang up the red coat.”

But it’s not all lumps of coal. While private event bookings are nearly impossible to get, mall Santas are reportedly still going strong as more American families venture out to resume this beloved Christmas tradition. 

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