50 Rustic Home Decor Ideas To Fuel Your Daydreams

Home inspiration that's beautifully rough around the edges.

Town & Country Kitchen
Photo: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

When it comes to decorating a rustic home, natural beauty is the name of the game. Rustic style is all about creating an organic space, often featuring laid-back, aged elements. This means that rustic decor lovers aren't shying away from distressed materials and patinated metals. The more the merrier for our rustic homes. Like its decor, rustic style is rough around the edges and without firm boundaries. Popular design styles such as farmhouse, coastal, and Tuscan all draw from rustic design themes. If your mind and mood boards are full of Modern Farmhouse spaces, you might be a fan of rustic design and not even know it! Whether you’re a rustic decor devotee or just dipping your toes into the charming style, our unpretentious, country-chic decor ideas are sure to please. With these ideas in mind, your home will look good and feel even better, like an airy tree house, sleepy yet stylish cottage, or cozy, candle-lit cabin.

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Neutral Paradise

Living Room Seating
Photo by: Tria Giovan, Styling by: Matthew Gleason

In 2023, bright and bold colors are all the rage. However, these vibrant shades don't really speak to a rustic abode. Instead, rely on classic neutrals as a foundation to build upon for the country home of your dreams.

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Natural Materials

2020 Idea House Living Room with Wood Beams and Fireplace
Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Kendra Surface

From floor to ceiling, natural materials abound in this cozy, rustic living room. The inclusion of wood at every eye-level, like the log side table, basket of firewood, and ceiling panels, brings the outdoors in alongside materials such as bamboo and flowers.

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Barnyard Doors

James Farmer Living Room
Laurey W. Glenn

One set of barnyard doors in the home is spectacular, but a double dose of barnyard doors like in this wonderful living room is just too perfect for us to handle. Doors like these are a stylish nod to their rustic, barn origins that have become a staple of Modern Farmhouse decorating.

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Tree House Chic

Rustic Mountain House Large Porch with Seating
Annie Schlechter; Styling: Raina Kattelson

Replicate the coziness of a treehouse by decking out your porch in charming wood. This outdoor living area is welcoming, nostalgic, and packed full of rustic cues everywhere you look.

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Warm Color Ways

Mountain House Neutral Living Room
Annie Schlechter; Styling: Raina Kattelson

If a true rustic room is your goal, avoid stark, bright whites and cool tones. Instead, open up the space using warm beiges and other welcoming colors that are cohesive rather than striking.

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Rustic Kitchen

Mountain House Kitchen
Annie Schlechter; Styling: Raina Kattelson

We adore this kitchen because even though it's chock-full of modern appliances, it still manages to have a relaxed and cozy feeling. This is due to rustic design elements like various shades of wood, warm paint on the cabinets, and more ideas you'll find further down our list.

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Candle Couture

Mountain House Dining Room
Annie Schlechter; Styling: Raina Kattelson

Not all the candles in this divine dining room are real (the ones in the chandelier are electric!) but we love them all equally. You can't beat the sweeping serenity of a candle-lit room, but we also appreciate the help from modern lighting solutions.

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Jars Upon Jars

China Cabinet Used for Storage
Laurey W. Glenn

It might take some extra elbow grease, but storing your food in jars is just so much more attractive than their store-bought containers! Re-home your sugar, cereal, and anything else you wish into lovely mason jars or whatever kind of re-sealable glass jar you can get your hands on. This idea especially shines if you're working with open or glass shelves for food storage.

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Mix New With Vintage

Phoebe Howard Designed Texas Hill House Stairway Entry
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Adam Fortner

Old and new is a winning combination for a rustic home. Incorporate vintage decor with contemporary furnishings to add buckets full of depth and character.

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Layers of Texture

James Farmer Buffalo Check Bedroom
Laurey W. Glenn

A rustic bedroom like this one is infused with texture all around. Combine multiple patterns and materials to create a layered look, especially with natural materials and textures.

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Natural Lighting

Heather Chadduck Hillegas Blount Springs, AL Lake House Kitchen
Laurey W. Glenn

The sun shining in makes every room more compelling. If a rustic room is your goal, sunlight has an additional layer of meaning as it brings even more natural elements into your space.

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Open Shelving

Christmas Kitchens Warm Wood
Southern Living

We have a love-hate relationship with open shelving. On the one hand, it's stunning. Open shelves are a wonderful way to display prized china and cookware; However, if you need to use them for storage, disorganized open shelves can be a calamity. Embrace open shelves if you have an appropriate amount of other storage space and some serious organization chops.

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Rocking Chairs

Betsy Mosby Oxford, MS Cabin Front Exterior
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

There's something so classic about rocking chairs on the porch. Choose wooden or rustic-style ones to boost curb appeal and have a scenic spot to lounge outside all summer long.

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Cozy Cabin Style

Texture 2
Laurey W. Glenn

No matter if your home is in the mountains, in the plains, or by the beach, an interior that evokes comforting wooden cabin style will always reign supreme. How one approaches this style can vary: Embrace a laid-back cabin look or welcome a luxurious retreat full of rustic elements.

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Distress Signals

Rustic Lake House Kitchen
Photo: Helen Norman

Wear and tear isn't always a good thing. However, when it comes to rustic decor, a little bit of fraying, patination, or discoloration can actually add to your home's charm.

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Embrace The Architecture

Farmhouse Kitchen
Laurey W. Glenn

If you're able, follow your home's lead. Working with the roots of an older home's original architecture, like authentic floors and ceilings, can have stunning results. Combine these classic structures and features with vintage decor from similar time periods or create contrast by embracing more modern styles.

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Earth Tones

Green paint
Evergreen Fog (SW 9310).


In addition to including nature in a rustic home, we absolutely adore decorating with smooth, earthy colors. Welcome greens, browns, and beiges for a space that is ever-so natural feeling and an ideal base for rustic decor.

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Plaid Galore

Rustic Charm
Laurey W. Glenn

Plaid and tartan accessories make any home instantly more stylish, in our opinion. These patterns are dripping with a warm coziness that sets a beautiful tone for the whole house.

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Stone Wall

Modern Touches
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

This rock wall isn't for climbing. Instead, using stones to cover a complete surface is a stunning way to create a statement wall. Juxtapose a gorgeous, heavy stone wall with light and airy elements like sunny windows, bright whites, and florals.

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Speckled Mirror

Unexpected Accents
Photo: William Waldron

Mirrors are classic pieces of decor that go beyond functional spaces like the bathroom or vanity. In living areas, mirrors are intended to be more decorative than anything. A speckled appearance won't disrupt any practical use and speaks to antique roots, building character and history into the room it adorns.

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Nods To Country

Colbert Farmhouse in Dothan, AL
Alison Gootee

There's no rules in interior design. You can do anything you want! This means that mixing and matching styles is open season. For example, we can't get enough of this kitchen vignette that includes western longhorn busts, a patinated pot, and modern elements like sleek metal finishes and a cool color palette.

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Cafe Curtains

The Dining Room
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Lovely, easy-going curtains are an attractive touch for any windowed room. These ones are light and airy, filtering rather than blacking out, and still letting some light trickle in.

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Rattan, Please

Rattan Club Chairs
Laurey W. Glenn

Wicker's indoor cousin, rattan, is a pleasant addition on multiple levels. Rattan is interestingly textured and knotted, as well as a product of natural materials which we've established are a staple of gorgeous, rustic homes.

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Farmhouse Sink

White Kitchen with Farmhouse Sink and Soapstone Countertop
Alison Gootee; Styling: Jennifer Berno DeCleene

An apron sink is the pinnacle of rustic chic. Choose a bowl-front sink that matches your specific slice of rustic style: sleek white, colorful, metallic, stainless steel, or whatever strikes your fancy.

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Mix In Black Metal

Mountain House Kitchen with Exposed Beams, Large Chandelier
Brian Bieder

Dark, moody metals and light and bright scenery are a dynamic duo that we'll never get tired of. From chairs to finishings and light fixtures, wrought iron or blackened metal have the power to center and ground a rustic room.

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Rustic Bedroom

Kay Volmar Master Bedroom
Kay Volmar

Rustic style is hardly reserved for the main living spaces. Without including an abundance of furniture or elaborate decor like you might in a living room, small spaces like bedrooms can be adorned with rustic elements through layering on texture, natural materials, and a subtle farmhouse charm.

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Decorative Wooden Beams

Mountain Cottage Living Room with Exposed Beams and Plaid Chairs
Brian Bieder

If your home doesn't already include handsome paneling or beams, there's no rule against adding them yourself. Rather than being structural, these rustic, wooden ceiling beams are purely decorative.

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Cottage Core

Cottage Kitchen with Wood Beams Overhead and Plate Collection
Brian Bieder; Interior Design: Maggie Griffin Design

Curate a home base that's warm and cozy as can be with soft neutrals and light wood like this one. The next step is a bit of whimsy. Charming woodland animal china art displayed as decor is both playful and rustic.

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Stone Fireplace

Cabin Living Room with Stone Fireplace and White Walls
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

Nothing sets a cozy mood quite like making use of the fireplace to light a calm fire and wisps of smoke billowing from the chimney. With a stone fireplace, the effect is tenfold. This dreamy look is attractive whether on a floor-to-ceiling fireplace or a shorter one.

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Pots And Pans

Cottage Style Kitchen with Brick Wall, Island, and Wood Floors
Paige Rumore

Instead of hiding your cookware away, put it proudly on display. Copper and cast iron pots and pans are enticing as kitchen decor hung by the stove or over a kitchen island.

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Cutting Boards

Dark Kitchen Counter with Antique Gold Faucet and Sink
Paige Rumore

Pretty and practical, cutting boards wow as decor in addition to their usual, practical use. Display them on your counter solo, piled together, or with other decor, rather than tucking them away in a drawer.

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Reclaimed Wood

joanna high res final

Crystal Photography

This rustic home idea combines multiple other ideas that we love so much. Wood is a rustic decor feature, and reclaimed wood is like the vintage version that is often decorated naturally with beautiful wear and tear from its past lives.

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Skirted Sink

Whitney McGregor Greenville, SC White Kitchen
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Lizzie Cox

A skirt is the sweetest way to dress up a sink in the kitchen, powder room, or laundry room. It's a distinctly old-school look that's rebounded back into style and reminiscent of a cottage or farmhouse.

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Unlacquered Brass

Cottage Style Main Bathroom in Marble and Neutral Colors
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Lizzie Cullen Cox

Interior designers love unlacquered brass much more than its more processed cousin, the lacquered kind, though they warn that it needs some extra care because it will patina. In a rustic home however, we're embracing that imperfection.

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Exposed Brick

Brick walled carriage house kitchenette under the stairs
Brie Williams; Styling: Kate Malpeli

Another way of embracing the bones of your home is by showing off any and all brick on the interior. An exposed brick wall teeters the line between industrial and rustic, but either way, it is absolutely lovely.

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Whitewashed Brick

Farrow & Ball's Pointing (No. 2003)
Hector Manuel Sanchez

Another way to show off brick in the home is to spruce it up a bit. Rather than completely covering it with a layer of opaque white paint, show it a little TLC by whitewashing it with a water-paint solution.

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Eclectic Charm

Modern Cottage Screened Porch
PHoto: Erica George Dines

At Southern Living, we believe that no one is ever truly done decorating their house. Over the years, our houses become home to things we pick up along the way. Display your collected treasures loud and proud for an eclectic and character-filled utopia.

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Birds Of A Feather

Rooster Home Decor
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Birds are a classic motif to have around the home. We're partial to retro roosters in the kitchen, and equally love sparrows, songbirds, or whatever-have-you as art subjects for framed portraits and gallery walls.

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Rustic Roman Shade

European Style Kitchen with opening shelving and moving island
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Lizzie Cullen Cox

A laid-back and daintily patterned roman shade is undeniably so sweet and serene in a humble home. Here, the same curtain fabric is used to adorn bar stools nearby.

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Meg Kelly's 1960s Ranch Living Room with Leather Sofa
Alison Gootee; Styling: Matthew Gleason

Whether it's a whole couch or a smaller addition here or there, leather is a rustic style cornerstone. Warm toned brown leather in particular hits the bullseye, but black leather can be dazzling too.

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Bring Back Burlap

Casual Coastal Bedroom
Photo: Lucas Allen, Styling: Elizabeth Demos

Finding a way to incorporate uber-rustic materials like burlap can be a challenge, but the payoff will be well worth it. This handsome burlap light fixture is a darling centerpiece that uplifts the whole bedroom.

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Hunting Lodge Hints

Cocktail room

Heidi Harris Interiors Photography; Design by Whitney Durham Interiors

Take cues from hunting lodges to spin into details in your rustic home. Hang taxidermy trophies (or artificial, artistic versions) and welcome in lots of warm, rich wood decor.

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Dark Wood Finishes

Hanna Seabrook Louisville, Kentucky White Kitchen After
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Elly Poston Cooper

Homespun yet chic, dark wood has the power to elevate any and every space it graces. While pale wood can be lovely, darkly stained wood is grounding and rich when balanced with light and bright surroundings.

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Textured Walls

Dining Room with Bold Color and Paintings
Sophie Munro

Clean and smooth walls can be stunningly sophisticated, but textured walls are infinitely more interesting—not to mention rustic. This coral living room is very simply decorated but owes its esteem to gorgeous, abstractly textured walls.

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Rustic Light Fixtures

2021 Idea House Guest Bedroom in Yellow
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

From the sconces to the over-head chandelier, this guest room sings with rustic charm. Simple adjustments to light fixtures, like uncomplicated shades in warm palettes and textures, transform an ordinary light into one that adds to the story of the room.

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Skirted Table

Whitney McGregor Greenville, SC Home Entry
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Lizzie Cox

Like sinks, a table looks its best when dressed with a modest skirt. Unlike your average table cloth, this statement-making table skirt decorated with sweet hydrangeas is maxi-length.

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Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic Storage
Charles Walton IV, Ralph Anderson

Shabby chic style saw an exploding peak of popularity a few years back, but we're still loving this design trend in moderation. True to shabby chic design, embrace well-loved furnishings full of wear and tear (it's intentional—we promise) and decorate your artfully disheveled pieces with sophisticated adornments like glassware or art for contrast.

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Equestrian Cues

After: Stable Overhaul Living Room
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Animal prints are always in style, but horses usually aren't included in that mix. In rustic homes, it's horses' time to shine on art, throws, and other bits of decor.

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Treasured Trunk

Twin Jenny Lind Beds with Plaid Rug, Trunk, and Gallery Wall
Michael J. Lee; Interior Design: Sabbe Interior Design

Repurposing furniture—especially vintage furniture—for unexpected uses is unquestionably a cool design move. If your decor is begging for some additional interest, use an antique trunk as an entry table, buffet, or bedside table.

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Farm To Table

Town & Country Kitchen
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

A tried and true farm table is simple: just a smooth plank of wood on straightforward legs. And yet, not only will it make a brilliant design statement, it will host many memorable family meals to come.

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