What Happened To Rooster Kitchen Décor? Let’s Bring The Trend Back In 2023

Some say it’s even good luck.

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Laurey W. Glenn

Growing up in Southern kitchens, you're bound to recognize certain quirks. There might be a nondescript canister always sitting on the counter. (Hint: It's leftover bacon grease.) There could be a cookie jar of your grandmother's "world-famous" cowboy cookies. What there most definitely is? A decorative item or ten, and for whatever reason, sometimes a rooster is involved.

At first, you might notice a set of salt-and-pepper shakers. Then, it's a tea towel. Later, a framed cross-stitch on the wall. Finally, the candy dish and cookie jar. Roosters, roosters, everywhere. This decorative theme stems back to the multigenerational popularity of the farmhouse aesthetic in the South. What started as a necessity in an agriculturally focused region evolved into a full-blown design phenomena all over the country, thanks in part (of course) to what we like to call the "Fixer Upper effect."

The Origin Of Rooster Home Décor

But, back to the roosters. This particular home-decorating trend was once all the rage, especially in the Southern kitchen. It might have started largely in rural kitchens and old-fashioned farmhouses, but it eventually made its way beyond the countryside and can still be found at many traditionally Southern home stores.

It's also been considered a hallmark accent of French country design style, which serves as inspiration for many of the modern farmhouse designs that are so popular in the South today; and it's even known to be a symbol of luck in Swedish tradition to have a rooster figurine in the kitchen. Basically, the rooster trend goes way back. The humble icon lends a pop of color and charm to any space and can be used in many different ways.

Where To Find Rooster Décor

While some might say it's kitschy, it's hard not to hold a special place in our hearts for the cheery emblem. Why be so serious? This year might just be the time to add a little extra personality here and there, and that's why we're making the call to bring back the rooster décor. For those wondering where to find it, antique stores and estate sales are great places to discover vintage gems. However, online retailers such as Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart are also treasure troves of rooster-inspired decorations for the kitchen.

Trade in the white walls and beige accents, because 2023 is the perfect year to go back to our roost—er, roots—with this good old-fashioned comeback. Plus, a little extra luck never hurts.

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