Baby Cow Becomes Class Pet After Mother Can't Care For Her

"She's really loving.”

When a cow on her family farm gave birth but wasn’t providing milk, Cameron Ramsey, an agriculture teacher with Rock Hill Schools' Career and Technical Education program, saw a learning opportunity in the orphaned calf.

Baby Cow Phoebe

Rock Hill Schools

“She was essentially abandoned. I thought it was a great idea to allow my students to use her as a teaching tool," she told WCNC of the calf named Phoebe.

Four of Ramsey’s students, who are also in the Future Farmers of America program, have been taking care of Phoebe's daily needs since December. 

Phoebe Cow

Rock Hill Schools

Speaking with WCNC, Jacob Boatwright, a senior in the South Carolina school district, described caring for Phoebe as a rewarding experience.

"It's a responsibility, but it's a nice one to have," he said. "Someone will come out here in the morning and we kind of alternate coming out here at night.”

Kaydin Hege, a junior at Northwestern High School, told the local news station that it took a little time to bond with the young cow, but the effort has paid off. 

"She was skittish at first, but we were able to feed her the first time we met her, and she's great," Hege said. "Our connection is really growing."

"She's really loving," Hege added, "she's grown fond of the four of us."

At the end of the school year, Phoebe will return to Ramsey's home where she will live out the rest of her days in peace and safety.

Now that’s what we call a moooooving story!

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