This Restorative Lip Treatment Is Single-Handedly Saving My Lips This Winter

Kiss cracked lips goodbye.

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Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment on lips


I wouldn’t consider myself much of a beauty maven. By that I mean I’ve used the same Maybelline mascara since middle school and hardly stray from my tried-and-true skincare lineup. But when it comes to lip care, I pride myself in being a bit of an *expert.*

On a given day, I carry at least three lip treatments (or balms, glosses, oils—you name it) with me. Anyone else have a specific one for their vanity, purse, and car? 

I trace this lip-care addiction back to my Midwestern roots. Born and raised in Iowa, I quickly grew accustomed to bleak winters, but chapped lips have always been where I draw the line. It’s almost as if they have a mind of their own. The moment temperatures plummet, my lips decide to make my life miserable with irreparably cracked skin for the next few months.

All that to say, I’ve made it a personal goal to find a product on the market that actually delivers on mighty claims. When I unwrapped the Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment on Christmas morning, I was flooded with hope—and it was hardly a few seconds later before I glazed my lips with a thick layer. 

This restorative lip treatment is a core product in model Hailey Bieber's skincare line, Rhode. The carefully-crafted formula is full of moisture-locking ingredients that, according to Rhode’s website, impart “naturally plump, pillowy-soft lips.” A few key players include shea butter for moisture, cupuaçu to maintain skin elasticity, and babassu to support the microbiome.

But the star ingredient? Peptides. These short chains of amino acids work to visibly plump delicate lip skin and reduce fine lines. Full of restorative properties, this formula nourishes skin from the inside out, meaning it doesn’t just act as a Band-Aid for dryness—it gets to the root of the problem. 

Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment


BUY IT: Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment; $16;

After the first few wears, I noticed I hardly had to reapply the Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment. One simple swipe kept my lips glossed and hydrated for hours on end. This was new to me because, typically, I have to reapply product every few minutes (literally) just to keep dry air from wreaking havoc on my sensitive lips.

Another thing I quickly grew fond of was the scent. I have the Watermelon Slice variation, and it leaves me daydreaming of warmer days and melons dribbling with sun-soaked flavor. It’s gloriously subtle and not at all artificial or synthetic smelling.

The treatment is currently available in two additional scent variations, Salted Caramel and Unscented. I’ll definitely be clicking “add to cart” for those as well!

This award-winning lip treatment is versatile, too—it can be worn day or night! I like to pop on a thin layer each morning for a sticky-free shine, but you can also layer it up before bed for an overnight plumping mask.

Don’t just take my word for it though. One verified buyer posted a review saying, “As someone who has a raging lip product addiction I can say this is one of my favorite lip products ever. It works amazing as just a lip balm and looks beautiful overtop lipstick or lip stains.”

Another said, “This lip treatment does wonders for my lips. I can't go a day without it! It leaves my lips glossy and soft as butter. Obsessed is an understatement.” 

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It’s safe to say I’m sold. From first wear, I knew this treatment would be a game changer for my chronically cracked lips. I’ve tried just about everything on the market when it comes to lip care, usually only finding temporary relief. But this formula truly lives up to its replenishing claims and does more than just mask dryness—it restores what’s under the surface.

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