South Carolina Rescue Dog Holds New Owner’s Hand “Whole Way Home” From Shelter

Our hearts!

A clip from a South Carolina rescue dog’s freedom ride is melting hearts all over the world.  

Abigail Arellano shared a video on TikTok over the weekend of her pup, Loki, in the car after she adopted him from Oconee Humane Society in Seneca. 

Loki Car Ride

Abigail Arellano

In the clip, peaceful music plays in the background as Loki looks lovingly at his new mom with his front left paw resting comfortably in her outstretched hand.

"I adopted this dog and he held my hand the whole way home," Arellano wrote on the video, adding “He’s such a sweet boy.”

In just five days, the video has raked in more than 6.5 million views. 

Arellano, who works as a veterinary technician at Oconee Humane Society, said that one-year-old Loki was only at the shelter for about a week before he became seriously ill. After receiving lifesaving treatment for parasites from veterinarian Dr. Paul Black, Arellano took Loki home as a medical foster. 

Despite promising her husband that she wouldn’t “get attached,” Arellano quickly fell for the pup.

“He got along great with the [family’s other] dog, he instantly loved our son, and he was house trained…” she explained in a followup video. “So, I instantly started begging for him.”

But her husband remained firm, and ultimately Arellano brought Loki back to the shelter to return him. Once there, she issued one final plea to her spouse. 

And… he caved! 

Arellano said she took the now-viral car video on the ride back home after finally making his adoption official. 

With millions of eyes on her and Loki’s story, Arellano wants to use the opportunity to highlight the good work Dr. Black is doing. He runs a low-cost clinic at Oconee Humane Society as a volunteer.

“He doesn’t get paid—he does it out of the kindness of his heart,” she said. 

As for Loki, Arellano said he’s responded to treatment and is doing well, noting that he’s still underweight but is slowly putting it back on.

“He’s doing great. It’s like he’s always been there,” she said. “He and my son are best friends.”

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