Don't panic.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
December 16, 2019
nail polish out of bottle
Credit: Getty Images/ Photograph by Anna Creedon

If you're anything like us, the holiday season isn't just filled with plenty of centerpiece swaps and home decor updates, but manicure and pedicure refreshes, too. Festive nails to match our mood and social obligations. Red and green shades for Christmas. Blue-and-what hues for Hanukkah. Glimmery gold and shimmery silver for New Year's Eve. Our holiday hearts are here for you.

So, imagine this: One day, you're painting your nails on the floor when you accidentally knock over your bottle of polish onto the carpet. Ack! Oh no! Disaster! Sound familiar? We're here with you on this one, too. Thankfully, some common household items can be your first line of defense in cleaning up this mess. That's right, you might not need to call in the professional carpet cleaners.

First things First: Act Fast

These things happen. However, the best outcome for your carpet or rug is to catch this spill before it has time to soak in. Grab a clean cloth and blot out as much of the polish from the infected surface as possible. We know this is hard to do in panic-mode, but try not to rub or wipe the polish, which will only make the problem worse – and ultimately much harder to remove.

Consider Your Options

There are a lot of at-home remedies and solutions for removing these types of stains. We've heard about the stain-busting powers of Windex and Peroxide and even Hairspray, according to Many experts say that it depends on the color of your carpet and the type of carpet. Here are two options that we're told will do the trick in a pinch. Country Living even suggests a few other options:

Option 1: Baking Soda and Ginger Ale

As soon as the spill takes place, you'll want to cover the area with baking soda. "Then, pour ginger ale on top of the area, and let it soak for about 10 minutes. Scrub gently until the stain is removed, and then 'rinse' the area with water or a wet cloth," explains writer Natalie Schumann.

Option 2: Distilled White Vinegar

As another option to get the stain out, you may want to try distilled white vinegar. Schumann suggests  completely covering the stained area with the vinegar and placing a paper towel saturated with more vinegar on top of the stain. After you've let things sit for about 10 minutes, "gently blot and scrub the stain until it is removed," she says. This should help prevent the stain from setting into your rug.

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Of course, the best way to avoid spilling nail polish on your rug is to keep your manicure and pedicure parties in your bathroom or at a table with a towel underneath your hands and toes to catch any mishaps. But we'd love to hear from you: Have you tried any of these solutions? What's your tried-and-true technique for getting nail polish stains out of the rug or other surfaces in your home?