Strawberry and Peach Sangria


This fruity sangria is ready in minutes and the perfect sipper for summer porch parties.

strawberry and peach sangria in a pitcher and wine glasses
Photo: Alison Miksch
Active Time:
15 mins
Chill Time:
3 hrs
Total Time:
3 hrs 15 mins

Big pitchers of sangria were made for hot summer nights or cool fall ones by camp fires. They're fruity and refreshing, but the addition of brandy and dry wine keeps them from being cloying. Find out how to make a batch of strawberry-peach sangria, and enjoy a pitcher soon in a shady spot in your yard.

How to Make Strawberry and Peach Sangria

Strawberry-peach sangria is easy to make in just three steps—although you'll need to allow some time for the chilling.

First, drop mint leaves into an ice tray, and then add water to fill the cubes. Put the tray in the freezer until the water is frozen, which will take three to five hours.

pouring water into an ice cube tray with mint leaves
Alison Miksch

While you're waiting for the ice to freeze, stir together strawberries, peaches, lemonade, orange liqueur, peach brandy, and wine in a large pitcher or another vessel of your choice. Cover and refrigerate the container until all the flavors blend. Expect this to take at least three hours.

strawberry and peach sangria in a pitcher waiting for wine
Alison Miksch

When you're ready to serve your drink, add the mint ice cubes and sparkling water to the sangria mixture. Stir to combine—and enjoy.

Adding wine to a pitch of sangria
Alison Miksch

Strawberry Peach Sangria Ingredients

To make strawberry and peach sangria, you'll need strawberries and peaches, of course. These two fruits together impart a subtle sweetness, similar to a sweet wine.

You'll also need mint leaves, which add freshness to the flavor—and visual appeal to the drink, too. Rounding out the rest of the ingredient list are lemonade, orange liqueur (such as Cointreau), peach brandy, a bottle of dry white wine, and sparkling water.

How Long Should You Let Fruit Soak for Sangria?

For the best-tasting sangria, the fruits should have enough time to absorb the flavors of the alcohol and other ingredients. Plan to let the mixture soak for a minimum of a few hours.

Can You Let Sangria Marinate Overnight?

You can let all the ingredients of your sangria commingle overnight for a rich flavor. If you let our strawberry and peach sangria steep overnight, you'll end up with a color that resembles rose in the final product.

But beware that there is such a thing as letting fruit marinate in sangria too long: If you overdo it, fruit could turn bitter and the texture could take a turn for the mealy.

What's the Best Fruit to Put in Sangria?

While this refreshing recipe calls for peaches and strawberries, a wide array of fruits work well in sangria recipes. Try watermelon sangria, citrus sangria—and just about any other type you can dream up. Check out our party-perfect sangria recipes for inspiration.

Do I Need Brandy for Sangria?

This recipe calls for a trifecta of alcohols: dry white wine, orange liquor, and brandy. For that reason, it goes down delightfully—even dangerously—easily while it packs a high-octane punch.

While brandy does contribute to a flavorful and aromatic sangria, it's not a requirement. For a little less alcohol content, you can skip the brandy or tweak the proportions as you prefer. Note that high-end brandy isn't a difference maker in this overall sweet batch cocktail; affordable varieties work just fine.

Editorial contributions by Alesandra Dubin.


  • ½ cup lightly packed fresh mint leaves

  • 1 pt. fresh strawberries, stemmed and quartered (2 cups)

  • 3 peaches (1 lb. total), unpeeled, pitted, and sliced (about 3 cups)

  • ½ cup refrigerated lemonade

  • cup orange liqueur (preferably Cointreau)

  • ¼ cup peach brandy

  • 1 (750-milliliter) bottle dry white wine (such as Vinho Verde, Gruner Veltliner, or Albarino)

  • 1 ½ cups sparkling water (such as Topo Chico Mineral Water)


  1. Fill 1 (12-cube) ice tray with mint leaves; fill cubes with water. Place in freezer until frozen 3 to 5 hours. (This can be made ahead of time.)

  2. Meanwhile, stir together strawberries, peaches, lemonade, orange liqueur, peach brandy, and wine in a large pitcher or other container. Cover and refrigerate until flavors blend, at least 3 hours or up to 12 hours.

  3. When ready to serve, add mint ice cubes and sparkling water to sangria mixture, and stir to combine.

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