Reindeer Cookies

These no-bake treats are perfect for Santa and the kids.

This no-bake Reindeer cookie recipe is as easy as it is cute. The best part is the whole family can get in on the no-bake fun to help assemble them.

How To Make Reindeer Cookies

While this Christmas-themed recipe is easy, there are a few tips and tricks that our Test Kitchen Professional Vanessa Rocchio recommends following to make this no-bake recipe go smoothly. First, she says it's best to use the classic white frosting. Whipped frosting doesn't work as well when it comes to holding these cookies together. Another tip to follow comes in handy when creating the pretzel antlers. If you've tried to cut pretzels, you know they tend to break into messy pieces. Take your knife and pop it on top of the round part of the pretzel instead of trying to cut them. This makes it easy and mess free to remove the round parts and reveal the perfect little antler.

These cute cookies come alive quickly and easily. They taste great and the kids go crazy. They're perfect for Santa too. Gather up your team of elves and get moving!


  • Classic white frosting

  • Peanut butter cookies, like Nutter Butters

  • Pretzels

  • Mini M&Ms

  • Ziploc bag


  1. Prepare a DIY piping bag for your frosting. Our trick is to take a Ziploc bag and place it inside a glass. When you transfer the frosting, keep scraping the spatula against the rim of the glass that's covered by the bag. When you're done, lift the bag up and squish the icing into one corner. Take a pair of scissors and clip the end slightly.

  2. Take the peanut butter cookies and split them in half. Set them aside where you plan to assemble the cookies.

  3. Chop the pretzels to create antlers that will be added to the peanut butter cookie base.

  4. Place a dollop of frosting at the top and bottom of the peanut butter cookie. You'll want to do this on one of the cookies in each pair. Placing a dollop at the top and bottom of the cookie helps to balance out the sandwich once the antlers are added.

  5. Take the pretzel antlers and place two on opposite sides of the top dollop of frosting on each cookie. Place the other side of the cookie back on gently to make a closed sandwich.

  6. Place two dollops on the top of each cookie sandwich. Place another dollop at the bottom of the cookie for the nose. Gently press mini M&Ms on the top dollops for the eyes and the bottom for the nose of these reindeer. Make sure the emblem is face down toward the frosting so it's hidden.

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