Rainbow Fish Cupcakes

Bring these cupcakes to life for your next birthday party.

Come 'under the sea' with these oh-so-adorable Rainbow Fish Cupcakes. They're incredibly easy to make; just frost pre-made cupcakes with blue vanilla icing, layer on rainbow sour candy scales, add a hot tamale mouth, and watch the kids swim to the dessert table.

Rainbow Fish Cupcakes

Southern Living

Whether you have an ocean-themed extravaganza planned or if you're just looking for a creative way to serve dessert, these fish cupcakes will bring a smile to every guest's face, no matter if they're sitting at the kids' table or not. The key to making this dessert fun for guests is to make them come to life. Make your job easier by starting with the pre-made cupcakes so you can focus on creating the perfect topping. When you layer the rainbow strips on top, be sure to stagger rows so they look like scales on a fish. Place a singular strip on the outermost edge of the cupcake to represent the tail. These multicolored candies really look like scales once they're placed on the cupcake thanks to the different stripes of color. We used bright blue frosting for the cupcakes, but feel free to pick your favorite color, or even a mix of colors, to create your school of fish. Guests will love the mix of flavors in these cupcakes, especially from the surprisingly sweet strawberry cupcakes, which are way more fun than just a vanilla of chocolate cupcake seen at every birthday party and event. The sour rainbow strips and sugary frosting will satisfy any sweet tooth. The candy eye will be a crunchy and sugary treat, and acts as the sprinkles on these cupcakes. If you don't like spice, take off the Hot Tamale before eating. It's so cute as the decorative mouth, but it does pack a punch, especially for the little ones. These sugary snacks are sure to be the cutest things on both land and sea.


  • 1 dozen pre-made strawberry cupcakes

  • Blue frosting

  • Rainbow sour candy strips

  • Candy eyes

  • Hot Tamales, sliced in halves or thirds


  1. Ice cupcakes with blue frosting. Place edible candy eyes and two small pieces of Hot Tamales as the fish's mouth on the cupcake. Arrange rainbow strips vertically in rows, layering rows behind one another. Place one additional rainbow strip on the outer edge of cupcake to create a tail.

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