Crunchy Okra-and-Corn Salad with Ranch Dressing

This delicious summertime salad has so much going for it—seared okra, charred corn, crunchy iceberg lettuce, and a rich and creamy homemade ranch dressing. Many people love the crunch of raw okra, but it can be a bit much for other. This corn and okra salad features fresh okra that’s just barely seared on its cut surface to take a little bit of the raw edge off. Make sure your cast-iron skillet is nice and hot so that you can get a proper sear on the okra and the fresh corn kernels. This technique also preserves the color of the okra, whether you’re cooking with green or purple pods. While Crunchy Okra-and-Corn Salad with Ranch Dressing is tasty on its own, you can make it heartier by adding shredded rotisserie chicken, crumbled cooked bacon, or chopped hard-cooked eggs—or all three, for a new take on a Cobb salad. You’ll want to make a double batch of the ranch dressing. It’s so easy to whip up with pantry staples and it makes a delicious dip for raw vegetables or potato chips.

Crunchy Okra-and-Corn Salad with Ranch Dressing
Photo: Antonis Achilleos; Prop Styling: Kay E. Clarke; Food Styling: Emily Nabors Hall
Active Time:
15 mins
Total Time:
15 mins
4 serves


  • 1/3 cup mayonnaise (such as Duke’s)

  • 3 tablespoons whole buttermilk

  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh chives

  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill

  • 1 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme

  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

  • 1 medium garlic clove, grated

  • 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt, divided

  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper, divided

  • 1 tablespoon canola oil, divided

  • 8 ounces fresh purple okra pods, halved lengthwise

  • 1 cup fresh corn kernels (from 1 ear)

  • 8 cups torn iceberg lettuce (from 1 head)


  1. Whisk together mayonnaise, buttermilk, chives, dill, thyme, vinegar, garlic, 1/4 teaspoon of the salt, and 1/4 teaspoon of the pepper in a medium bowl. Chill until ready to serve.

  2. Heat a large cast-iron skillet over high. Add 1 teaspoon of the oil; swirl to coat. Add half of okra, cut side down. Cook just until cut side is lightly seared and purple color is still vibrant, 30 to 45 seconds. Remove from skillet. Repeat procedure with 1 teaspoon of the oil and remaining okra. Sprinkle okra with 1/4 teaspoon of the salt.

  3. Add remaining 1 teaspoon oil to skillet; swirl to coat. Add corn and remaining 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Cook until lightly charred, stirring constantly, about 1 minute.

  4. Arrange 2 cups lettuce on each of 4 plates; drizzle dressing evenly over salads. Top evenly with corn and okra.

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