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Texas Ranch Water
Photo: Photographer: Fred Hardy II, Food Stylist: Emily Nabors Hall, Props Stylist: Christina Brockman

From sides to mains to desserts and even our most popular cocktail of all time, if you're looking for a new recipe to try, this list of our top recipes of 2021 is a great place to start. It's no surprise that there are plenty of classic recipes on this list, accompanied by a few new favorites. However, one thing that most of these recipes have in common is that they're fairly easy to pull together but still deliver plenty of crowd-pleasing flavor.

Out of the thousands of recipes on SouthernLiving.com, these were the ones that were searched for, clicked on, and cooked the most by our readers in 2021.

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Oven-Roasted Corn on the Cob

Oven Roasted Corn on the Cobb
Photographer: Fred Hardy II, Food Stylist: Emily Nabors Hall, Props Stylist: Christina Brockman

Recipe: Oven-Roasted Corn on the Cob

This recipe is here to prove that corn can be just as delicious when cooked in the oven instead of on the grill.

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Texas Ranch Water

Texas Ranch Water
Photographer: Fred Hardy II, Food Stylist: Emily Nabors Hall, Props Stylist: Christina Brockman

Recipe: Texas Ranch Water

After we debuted the Ranch Water recipe on our site this year, it quickly became everyone's favorite summer drink and our most popular cocktail recipe of all time.

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Old-School Squash Casserole

Old School Squash Casserole
Greg DuPree

Recipe: Old-School Squash Casserole

The best way to enjoy squash is in casserole form with plenty of cheese.

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Homestyle Ground Beef Casserole

Homestyle Ground Beef Casserole
Southern Living

Recipe: Homestyle Ground Beef Casserole

This recipe has all of the components of an ideal weeknight dinner. It starts with a pound of ground beef, comes together quickly, and can also be made ahead.

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Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird Cake on a green cake stand
Photographer: Fred Hardy II, Food Stylist: Emily Nabors Hall, Props Stylist: Christina Brockman

Recipe: Hummingbird Cake

Since it was submitted to Southern Living in 1978, the Hummingbird Cake has continued to gain popularity and was our most popular dessert recipe in 2021.

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Oven-Baked Baby Back Ribs

Oven-Baked Baby Back Ribs on a tray with barbecue sauce and beers nearby
Photographer: Jen Causey, Prop Stylist: Claire Spollen, Food Stylist: Margret Monroe Dickey

Recipe: Oven-Baked Baby Back Ribs

Our Test Kitchen turns to smoked paprika to give these ribs a slow-cooked flavor, no smoke required.

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Fresh Peach Cobbler

Fresh Peach Cobbler in a bowl with a casserole pan to the side
Photographer: Fred Hardy II, Food Stylist: Emily Nabors Hall, Props Stylist: Christina Brockman

Recipe: Fresh Peach Cobbler

This summer classic comes together in just four steps with 9 ingredients.

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Southern-Style Collard Greens

Southern-Style Collard Greens
Photo: Jim Franco

Recipe: Southern-Style Collard Greens

Low and slow is the best way to achieve flavorful collard greens.

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Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Beth Dreiling Hontzas; Food Styling: Angella Sellers and Vanessa McNiel Rocchio; Prop Styling: Melanie J. Clarke and Sissy Lamerton

Recipe: Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Making mac and cheese from scratch doesn't require much more hands-on time than boxed varieties.

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Southern Buttermilk Pie

Classic Southern Buttermilk Pie
Iain Bagwell; Styling: Caroline M. Cunningham

Recipe: Southern Buttermilk Pie

No matter the occasion, this old-fashioned dessert still deserves a spot on the menu. Plus, it couldn't be easier to pull together.

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King Ranch Chicken Casserole

King Ranch Chicken Casserole
William Dickey

Recipe: King Ranch Chicken Casserole

To make this casserole even easier, you can pick up a rotisserie chicken from the deli.

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Laura Bush's Cowboy Cookies

Cowboy Cookies
Southern Living

Recipes: Laura Bush's Cowboy Cookies

Put on the map by former First Lady Laura Bush, this recipe yields 24 Texas-sized cookies with plenty of mix-ins.

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Pineapple Casserole

Pineapple Casserole
Southern Living

Recipe: Pineapple Casserole

For many Southerners, it's not a holiday meal if Pineapple Casserole doesn't make an appearance.

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Mamie Eisenhower's Chocolate Fudge

Mamie Eisenhower’s Chocolate Fudge
Southern Living

Recipe: Mamie Eisenhower's Chocolate Fudge

A short list of baking staples come together to make this quicker take on regular fudge. It's great to keep on hand for unexpected company or to package up for a sweet gift.

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Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya

Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya
Greg DuPree

Recipe: Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya

It's possible to serve up plenty of Creole flavor, even on busy weeknights, with this 25-minute Jambalaya recipe.

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Buttermilk Biscuits

Father's Day Brunch Recipe Ideas: Buttermilk Biscuits
Photo: Jennifer Davick

Recipe: Buttermilk Biscuits

Allow us to help you master the art of making homemade biscuits, just make sure to follow the directions. When we say stir 15 times, we mean exactly 15.

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Million Dollar Pound Cake

Million Dollar Pound Cake

Recipe: Million Dollar Pound Cake

Reviewers agree that this pound cake is the best of all time.

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Baked Beans

Baked Beans
Antonis Achilleos

Recipe: Baked Beans

We give canned beans a much-needed upgrade in this potluck-ready dish that's easy to make and transport to any backyard cookout.

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Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole

Tater Tot Breakfast Bake
Jennifer Causey

Recipe: Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole

You'll love that this breakfast casserole comes together in just 15 minutes, and your family will love the opportunity to eat tater tots for breakfast.

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Creamed Chipped Beef & Toast

Southern Living

Recipe: Creamed Chipped Beef & Toast

Just like Grandma used to make, it's clear that Southerners are still fond of this 5-ingredient dish.

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