Mini Taco Cookies

These creative cookies will be the star of your dessert spread.

A sweet spin on the taco look, these Mini Taco Cookies are as festive as it gets. Two types of Oreos are the foundation to this fun dessert taco. Add in shredded coconut as lettuce, sliced Starburst as cheese, chopped red gummies as tomatoes, and melted chocolate, and you've assembled the most creative cookies around. Since these tacos are mini in nature, assembling them does take a patient and steady hand. When you start, you'll want to take the Golden Oreos and cut them into 1/3 and 2/3 slices. Then take a butter knife and remove the filling from each cookie and discard so you have room to fill these "taco shells" with toppings. Proceed with assembling the tacos—first with the crumbled Oreos, then the shredded coconut, slices of Starburst, and red gummies—taking extra caution when handling them since they are delicate. Serve these dainty desserts on a plate where they can lay flat. The flat surface will help these treats set and hold their shape before guests dive in to enjoy. They're so tiny, we're sure your guests will want to go back for seconds. Double the recipe if you're expecting a crowd.

Mini Taco Cookies
Southern Living


  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate morsels

  • 1 cup Oreo cookies, crumbled

  • 12 Golden Oreo cookies

  • ½ cup shredded coconut, dyed green

  • 5 orange Starburst, thinly sliced

  • Red gummies, chopped


  1. Using a flat surface, cut Golden Oreos into 1/3 and 2/3 slices.

  2. Microwave chocolate morsels for 45 seconds, then microwave at 15 second intervals until melted, stirring until smooth. Pour into a plastic bag and cut a small end off of the tip of the bag.

  3. Gently squeeze melted chocolate onto edge of 2/3 sliced Oreo, then match it with 1/3 slice. Push sides together to hold.

  4. Fill "tacos" with crumbled Oreos.

  5. Top cookie filling with coconut "lettuce," Starburst "cheese," and chopped gummy "tomatoes." Dip Starburst and gummies in additional melted chocolate if needed to adhere toppings.

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