Mini Sweet Potato Latkes

The perfect bite-size appetizer.

Mini Sweet Potato Latkes
Photo: Victor Protasio; Food Styling: Chelsea Zimmer; Prop Styling: Christina Daley
Active Time:
30 mins
Total Time:
30 mins

Latkes are an essential dish at any Hannukah celebration. Every family has its own cherished latke recipe, which has likely been passed down from generation to generation. But this year, we're shaking things up with these Mini Sweet Potato Latkes.

This recipe takes a slightly non-traditional approach to potato pancakes, adding a nutrient boost by subbing in sweet potatoes for the classic russets. Instead of onions, these mini latkes lean on scallions to bring extra flavor. Potato flour and egg help to bind these latkes, ensuring that they hold their shape in the frying pan. These miniature latkes are completely fuss-free—simply stir all the ingredients together in a bowl, shape into patties, and fry. When frying, it's important that the oil isn't too deep, otherwise the latkes will cook too quickly and burn. Keep the oil temperature at 325°F between batches to achieve a consistent fry on each latke.

The mini size makes these the perfect Hannukah appetizer or hors d'oeuvres to pass around at a party. Garnish with crème fraiche or sour cream and thinly sliced chives. Be sure to make a plate of Mama's latkes, too—you have eight nights, after all.


  • 1 large (1-lb.) sweet potato, peeled 

  • 2 medium scallions, finely chopped (about ¼ cup), plus more thinly sliced scallions for garnish 

  • ½ cup potato flour

  • 2 large eggs, lightly beaten

  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt, plus more to taste

  • 1 teaspoon black pepper, plus more to taste

  • Canola oil

  • Sour cream


  1. Grate sweet potato using the largest holes of a box grater (4 cups). Gently stir together grated sweet potato, finely chopped scallions, potato flour, eggs, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1 teaspoon pepper in a large bowl until well combined. Divide and shape sweet potato mixture into 16 (3-inch) thin patties (about ¼ cup sweet potato mixture per patty). Place patties (latkes) on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper until ready to cook.

  2. Pour oil to a depth of ¼ inch in a large skillet, and heat over medium to 325°F. Working in 4 batches, add latkes to hot oil, and cook until golden brown and crispy, about 1 minute and 30 seconds per side. Transfer to a baking sheet lined with paper towels, and immediately season to taste with salt and pepper. Keep warm in a 200°F oven. Allow hot oil to return to 325°F between batches. Serve hot latkes immediately with sour cream; garnish with thinly sliced scallions.

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