This classic sauce adds the perfect acidic accent to shucked oysters. Mignonette sauce, a condiment usually made with minced shallots, cracked pepper, and vinegar, is traditionally served with raw oysters. The French term “mignonette” traditionally referred to a sachet or packet of peppercorns and spices used to flavor liquids. Though different mignonette sauces may use various types of vinegar, all contain pepper and shallots. This recipe uses the added tastes of fresh lemon juice and lemon zest, as well as the peppery taste of ginger. The mignonette is also delicious spooned grilled fish and shrimp. Make sure you serve this mignonette with the freshest oysters possible. When buying oysters, you need to keep them cold. If you are out on a shopping trip, make sure that buying the oysters from a seafood shop is your last stop before heading home, and make sure you are equipped (with ice and a cooler) to keep the oysters cold on the way. If you ordered through the mail, remove the oysters from the shipping container they arrive in and toss any that smell bad, are open or have broken shells. The best way to store oysters in the refrigerator is to spread them in a single layer, cupped side of the shell down, on a rimmed baking sheet between two layers of damp towels. Do not store them in or directly on top of ice: oysters are saltwater creatures and melted fresh water will kill them. Only put oysters on ice once they have been shucked and are ready to be served.

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10 mins
30 mins
10 mins
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  • Combine Champagne vinegar, fresh Meyer lemon zest and juice, shallot, fresh ginger, black pepper, and fine sea salt in a bowl. Stir well; let stand 30 minutes before serving with oysters.