We ate a lot of cabbage in Mexico, both raw and cooked, because it was economical and also because it’s so sturdy that it does not require long refrigeration. A lot of people don’t like it cooked because they find it strong tasting and smelly. Here I offer a simple and delicious solution. Steam it in a pot with butter, sugar, and shredded carrot for color. When the cabbage is done, it’s so tender it melts in your mouth and the leaves taste slightly sweetened. Most of the melted butter and sugar remains in the pot.

Eddie Hernandez


Credit: Southern Living

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6 servings


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  • Steam all ingredients in a pot until tender.



BLUE CORNMEAL–CRUSTED CHICKEN WITH MINT-JALAPEÑO DRIZZLE is excerpted from TURNIP GREENS AND TORTILLAS © 2018 by Eddie Hernandez. Photographs © 2018 by Angie Mosier. Reproduced by permission of Rux Martin Books/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.