Call it an early Christmas present.

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Joanna Gaines Cookbook Magnolia Table
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Joanna Gaines won our hearts with her rustic, Southern interior design taste, but she's much more than a decorator. The mom and business owner is also a great cook, and she has her very own cookbook coming out to prove it. Unfortunately, we can't buy the book, called Magnolia Table, until April 24 (there's always pre-order, though!). Lucky for us, Joanna revealed four recipes from the book in a blog post this week. She said the cookbook will contain personal recipes, ones from family and friends, and a few from the Gaines' upcoming restaurant, also called Magnolia Table. Here's a peek into the pages of Magnolia Table:

Gaines says her "personal favorite thing" from the cookbook, which will also be served at the restaurant, is the biscuit recipe, but she didn't give it up yet. We understand that she wants a big reveal for a recipe that she "spent almost every Saturday morning perfecting," but it's hard to be patient with a teaser like that. We have a weakness for a good biscuit recipe. Help us out here, Jo.

She might have withheld the biscuit recipe, but she did share a few of her "go-to recipes" that we're making ASAP. Talk about good timing, too—all of these recipes are practically screaming, "I'm perfect for your Christmas table!"

First came her Green Beans Amandine recipe. Not only does this dish look beautiful, but it only takes 15 minutes to get on the table. That's not all folks—this Green Beans Amandine dish is also a one-pot wonder. Gaines came out of the gate with a healthy side dish that's super quick and only uses one dish, so things definitely started on a high note. Keeping the tempo up and warming our Southern hearts, she revealed Becki's Mac and Cheese recipe next, and after seeing this recipe, we absolutely must meet her friend Becki. We might have countless mac and cheese recipes of our own, but this three-cheese recipe with a crispy topping will be added to the lineup. Up next? Her Scalloped Potatoes, which have the prettiest presentation for a family gathering, plus anything with Gruyère cheese tastes instantly decadent. No Southern holiday is complete without a pecan pie, and this Spiced Pecan Pie combines a helping of sweet with a hint of heat.

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Even though we're so excited for the release of Magnolia Table and the restaurant opening (road trip, anyone?), these recipes can hold us over a little longer until they're here. Check out the blog post with the full recipes here, and happy cooking!