This chicken and corn summer chowder from our friends at Well Done is heavy enough to stand as a meal but light enough to eat on a casual summer night. Make use of summer tomatoes and corn fresh from the farmer’s market for this chowder recipe. This summer chowder recipe only requires one pot, so cleanup is easy and fast after dinner. Bright red tomatoes with green avocado and cilantro make for a colorful topping and add even more texture than the corn, onions, and potatoes already offer. And, did we mention there’s bacon? (We probably should have said that first.) A squeeze of lime juice right before serving adds a hint of acidity to this creamy chowder. The best part about this warm dish is that it’s ready from start to finish in under an hour, and it would be easy to make ahead and freeze, or freeze for leftovers. Be sure to have fresh toppings when you're ready to serve, and grab a loaf of your favorite crusty bread to complement the dish.

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