In the latest installment of BBQ&A, chef Michael Lewis of Miami restaurant KYU answers a question many in the South never thought to ask: Can you barbecue an octopus? Watch this video, then try the recipe in your own kitchen, and you'll wish you'd asked the question sooner.Why? Barbecued octopus is a delicacy. It's a classic preparation for an unexpected protein, a salty seafood that'll have your guests oohing and ahhing. Here, Lewis employs a Japanese grilling technique (called 'yakiniku') that cooks the octopus low and slow over a wood fire with plenty of smoke. Simple aromatics—including lemongrass, a serrano chili, a carrot, and ginger—plus a straightforward preparation, ensures the final grilled octopus result will wow. A surprising addition, a few Kaffir lime leaves, adds irresistible citrus notes to the blend. The icing on the cake? A flourish of dressing: hearts of palm-and-red onion ceviche, to be precise. Lewis says, "It's good immediately. It's good in an hour. It's good in two or three hours." This stuff is good, folks.

Southern Living


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Instructions Checklist
  • Cover Octopus with salt and massage. Rinse with cold water. Bring to a boil. Reduce to simmer for 45 mins with onion, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, soy sauce, fresno chili, kosher salt, kaffir lime leaf, carrot. Remove & Chill. Cut legs off body. Cover with paprika and olive oil. Mix and Grill. Serve with paprika oil drizzle.