Cabbage: It's the latest buzzy ingredient taking over our feeds. That may surprise you; you may think there's nothing new about it. It's true that this leafy plant has always been around—it's a perennial player in the kitchen—but the ingredient is now finally getting its due with interesting preparations and inspired pairings. Enter this recipe. This is one of our new favorites, as it does the humble head of cabbage justice. This recipe goes so far as to make cabbage craveable. The preparation is for Grilled Cabbage with Tamarind BBQ Sauce and Tillamook Aged White Cheddar, which grills the leafy purple head to charred perfection and adds both creaminess and tang with the pairing of tamarind barbecue sauce and creamy white cheddar cheese. Who needs whole-hog barbecue when you can enjoy all the substantial flavors of this unexpected, vegetable-forward dish? It already has a place on our best-of lists. Whip it up today to learn why.

Southern Living


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Serves 4


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  • In a small bowl combine all BBQ sauce ingredients. Set aside.

  • Leaving the root end intact, quarter the cabbage. In a large bowl toss cabbage in oil and salt.  Rub to coat. Heat a large, heavy bottomed skillet on over medium high heat. Place cabbage quarters face side down and cook until charred.  Turn over to opposite side and repeat. Turn over to back side and paint charred sides of cabbage with tamarind BBQ.  Cook until tender but not too mushy. Remove from heat and allow to rest.

  • Between four plates, divide the charred cabbage. Top with cheddar, cilantro and busted up tortillas. Serve immediately.