Headed to the beach this summer? For maximum refreshment, make yourself a citrusy slush with the help of this easy recipe. It calls for just four ingredients, one of which is ice, and it has a prep time of about five minutes (three, if you're determined). You can put away the juicer; you won't need it here. This recipe uses store-bought ingredients you can pick up on a quick run to the nearest Publix. It's far more delicious than it ought to be, especially considering how incredibly simple it is. The method can best be summarized as "pour, blend, beach." This gin slush is all about the pairing of grapefruit and lime. It's a variation on a frosty paloma that swaps tequila for gin and adds a few handfuls of ice for maximum chill. It's perfect for languid summer afternoons spent on the sand, which is why we like to think of it as the ultimate beach cocktail. Like most things, this sweet grapefruit gin slush is best enjoyed within earshot of crashing waves. Whip up a few for your next beach weekend, and you'll soon see why.

Caroline Rogers


Credit: Caroline Rogers

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2 servings


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  • Add ice, grapefruit juice, frozen limeade concentrate, and gin to a blender. Blend until the ice is broken down and the mixture is thick and smooth. Taste and adjust for flavor. Pour mixture into glasses and garnish with fresh lime or grapefruit wedges.