After trying these, your family might never go back.

By Kaitlyn Yarborough
Cornbread Stuffing Balls
Credit: Lick My Spoon

Come Thanksgiving, Southerners have a thing about cornbread dressing. Just the mere utterance of using white bread and calling it "stuffing" is enough to send any one of us into a tizzy. Though we can all agree that making this Thanksgiving casserole with homemade cornbread is the only way it's going to be allowed to cross the threshold of a Southern home, from there it gets murky.

Cornbread dressing can be as diverse as the regional cooks making it. In Louisiana, Andouille sausage and a hearty kick of cayenne gives signature Cajun flair; while in Alabama, Mama might just add some buttermilk biscuits to the cornbread base for a fluffy finishing touch. For some Kentuckians, we hear there's a tradition that revolves not around ingredients, but rather its form: cornbread stuffing balls.

Cornbread dressing balls take your Thanksgiving dressing out of the casserole dish and makes it into a platter of miniature rounded balls, resulting in a few bites of pure heaven. Crispy on the outside, incredibly moist and fluffy on the inside. (Think: classic Christmas sausage balls, but cornbread dressing. Sausage optional.)

To achieve the optimal level of crispy-to-moist dressing ratio, place the rounded stuffing balls onto a baking sheet and cook until browned. Some say that you can deep-fry the balls instead, but either way turns out spankin' good.

For a classic cornbread dressing version, try this recipe by Mother Would Know that gives an option to add pecans and apples. For a sausage-speckled rendition, go with this recipe by Lick My Spoon that flavors with sage. And for those wanting to try fried stuffing balls, make this recipe from Rachael Ray that recommends wrapping the balls with bacon. Need we say more?

This Thanksgiving, consider turning your cornbread dressing casserole into gloriously crispy bites. After tasting these stuffing balls with gravy, your family might never go back.