Reba McEntire Weighs In On That Dramatic “Big Sky” Season Finale

By now we’ll assume you’ve seen the Big Sky: Deadly Trails season 3 finale which aired on ABC on January 18. If you haven’t or you’re saving up to binge the whole season on Hulu, beware, spoilers lie ahead! You have been warned. 

Now that we have that out of the way, we can talk freely about the very eventful season of the ABC hit drama. As the season wrapped up we finally learned the true identity of the Bleeding Heart Killer and what a doozie! Southern Living recently spoke directly to one of the folks whose character was right smack dab in the middle of all of the chaos. 

Reba McEntire Big Sky

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Reba McEntire came to Big Sky this season as Sunny Barnes, the owner of a luxury campsite just outside of town. She runs Sunny Day Excursions along with her husband Buck (played by real life boyfriend, Rex Linn) and their son Cormack (played by Luke Mitchell). While much of the season led us to believe that Sunny’s secret son Walter (played by Seth Gabel) was the one with dark secrets, it was actually revealed that Buck was the serial killer thought to be responsible for several deaths over the years. When Sunny makes this realization she knows she has to let him go. But Buck isn’t willing to do the same. Sunny and Walter make a plan to lure Buck in and hand him to the police. But things go sideways and Buck attacks Walter. Sunny is faced with the ultimate choice between the love of her life and her own child. 

“I didn’t want to shoot Buck,” McEntire said. “ But I thought it really showed that Sunny, I’ve always said that Sunny is a very protective mother. And that’s what she did. And that’s how she went all the way through season 3 of Big Sky. She was a very over-protective mother and as much as she loved Buck, he really treated her children bad. And so she took care of the situation like a Mama Bear will. Just took ‘em out.”

The Oklahoma native spoke about having to murder her real life love on screen. “Rex has always said, ‘Well if I have to get killed, I want you to kill me.’ and I said I don’t want to kill you. And he said ‘yeah, that’s the way it’s gotta be!’ And so that’s the way they wrote it in… I loved working with all, Rex and I both did, working with all the actors, the different directors we had, the producers, everybody and the crew. It was excellent. What a wonderful experience.” 

At the end of the episode, Buck may be gone but Sunny is still very much alive. We see her hauled off to jail, but it certainly seems like a possibility we will see Sunny Barnes again.  “You never know. They left it open. I’m thinking, hopefully they might ask me back,” she said. 

We sure hope so too! 

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