Publix Will Take Your Groceries To The Car: Just Another Reason We Love This Southern Grocery Chain

It's Southern hospitality at its finest

Publix is loved by Southerners for many reasons, but having an employee bring your groceries to the car, no tip required, might just be the best reason to shop at the Southern staple. This kind service is written into Publix’s policy which states: “We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. That service includes taking your groceries to your vehicle. No tipping, please.”

Now, we talk a lot about grocery store etiquette here at Southern Living headquarters, especially what to do (or not to do) with our buggy after grocery shopping. This policy allows for us to not stress about whether or not to return our grocery cart to the store or leave it in the corral in the parking lot, which we admit, takes more of our brain power than it should.

We’ve even saw some of you readers talking about it on our Facebook page, and many of you sang the praises of shopping at Publix because of this specific policy.

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So yes, we might go to Publix to pick up a classic Pub Sub or for the Deli Chicken Tender Box before the big game, but we keep going back for the hospitality of the grocery chain. This act of kindness is just one example of the good works Publix is committed to. 

The chain’s Media Relations Manager, Hannah Herring shared with us a little bit about why the grocery chain has so much Southern hospitality.  “At Publix, providing premier service is at the heart of what we do. Our founder, George Jenkins, believed that friendly service and royal treatment were the keys to connecting with customers and building lasting relationships,” she shares. “He continually sought ways to make customers feel valued, and offering to carry their groceries to their vehicles is just one example of premier service that continues to this day.”

So the next time you pop into Publix for a bigger order, don’t be afraid to take a Publix employee up on their offer to take your groceries to the car. After all, there aren’t many places left in the world where kind gestures are threaded into the character of a company.

Just like saying hello to people as you walk down the street, giving compliments or knowing how to make an introduction are social skills are sacred to Southerners, offering a helping hand by bringing a few groceries to the car should be just as common.

Even if you don't have a Publix near you, if you are able, maybe think about asking your fellow grocery goer if they need a hand. You might just leave the grocery store feeling a little lighter than you did going in.

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