Customers Happily Wait In Line Just To Chat With This Beloved Cashier At Florida Publix

"I think I make a lot of people happy,” Ms. Gloria explains. “How nice I am. And how respectable.”

Gloria Blue Britton Plaza Publix

Getty Images/Noel Hendrickson; Publix

Shoppers at the Publix in Britton Plaza in Tampa, Florida don’t mind waiting in line—as long as Ms. Gloria is working the cash register.

Gloria Withlock Blue has been a Publix cashier for 12 years. In that time, she’s developed quite a following. In fact, people choose to wait in line just to chat with her while she scans their groceries. 

"Ms. Gloria is the reason why we come to the Britton Plaza Publix," shopper Melissa Sollenberger told Fox 13 Tampa Bay. Her husband Steve added, "We dropped our daughter off at another Publix to go to work and came here because of her."  

Blue said that her secret is simply “good customer service.”

"I think I make a lot of people happy. How nice I am. And how respectable. Just love people. Period," she told the local news station.

Blue only works at the grocery store on weekends. During the week she works as a nurse's assistant at a local hospital. She told Fox 13 that she doesn’t see herself leaving the Publix job anytime soon, and plans to work there "until I can't do it anymore."

"Miss Gloria is a unique individual," Steve Arevalo, Publix's assistant store manager, said. "She's a very special type of special." 

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