This $10 Dough Press Set Makes Forming Hand Pies A Breeze—And Cuts Down On Cleanup

The presses can make dumplings, empanadas, and stuffed pasta, too.

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 Prepworks Multifunctional Dough Press


Comfort foods are a must year-round. Especially in the cooler months, there’s nothing better than a homemade meal that warms the stomach and soul. However, classic comfort foods can be tedious to make. Dishes like golden-brown hand pies are worth the effort, but if the process can be made easier—we’re all here for it. 

The Prepworks Multifunctional Dough Press Set from Progressive International cuts down on time spent forming pies and comes with three different-sized presses for only $10. With a 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch press, the set can make a wide variety of hand pies, dumplings, ravioli, empanadas, and stuffed pastas, among other delicious treats. And with a different color for each size—teal, red, and white—the presses are easily distinguishable at a glance.

 Prepworks Multifunctional Dough Press


BUY IT:  $9.99;

Whatever you make, the presentation will be gorgeous with the built-in crimped design that’ll give your treats a professional look. The press also takes out the guesswork of cutting the perfect-sized circle of dough needed as the backs have a circle stamp that’s just the right size for each hand press. Simply roll out your dough, stamp the back of the press, place your dough in the open press, fill it with your desired fillings, and press the tool together for a simple meal. 

One shopper noted that when they make empanadas using the presses, the most tedious part of the process is making the dough and fillings. “It's so much better than hand shaping and crimping.”

“I love these dough presses,” wrote another five-star reviewer. “So easy to cut, fill, and securely seal dough for perfect dumplings and hand pies.” No more messy kitchen, either, since they noted that the “pies look beautiful and cleanup is a breeze.”

The silicone presses are dishwasher safe, so you can just wipe off the dough and toss them in the wash. Essentially, these dough presses simplify the process of making your favorite comfort foods from start to finish. 

Snag the Prepworks Multifunctional Dough Press Set at Amazon, and make hand pies and other snacks with ease.

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