Family: Campanulaceae | Genus: CAMPANULA
type : Perennials
sun exposure : Full Sun
water : Regular Water, Moderate Water
planting zones : US (Upper South) / Zone 6, MS (Middle South) / Zone 7, LS (Lower South) / Zone 8
Plant Details

Vast and varied group (nearly 300 species) encompassing trailers, creeping or tufted miniatures, and erect kinds 16 feet tall. Native throughout the Northern Hemisphere; species described here are perennials mostly from southern Europe, Turkey, the Caucasus, and northern Asia. Flowers are generally bell shaped, but some are star shaped, cup shaped, or round and flat. Usually blue, lavender, violet, purple, or white; some pink.

Uses are as varied as the plants. Gemlike miniatures deserve special settingsclose-up situations in rock gardens, niches in dry walls, raised beds, containers. Trailing kinds are ideal for hanging pots or baskets, wall crevices; vigorous, spreading growers serve well as ground covers. Upright growers are valuable in borders, for cutting, occasionally in containers.

In general, campanulas grow better in good, well-drained soil and the cooler climates of the Upper and Middle South. Most species are fairly easy to grow from seed sown in flats in spring or early summer, then transplanted to the garden in fall for bloom the following year; also may be increased by cuttings or divisions. Divide clumps in falltypically every 3 or 4 years, though some may need yearly division.

tussock bellflower

campanula carpatica

  • Forms compact, leafy tufts with branching, spreading stems.
  • About 8 inches tall but may reach 1112 feet Smooth, bright green, wavy, toothed leaves, 1112 inches long.
  • Single blue or white flowers to 12 inches across are upward facing, bell or cup shaped.
  • Blooms in late spring.
  • Use in rock gardens, borders, edging.
  • Not browsed by deer.
  • Blue Clips ('Blaue Clips') and 'White Clips' (C.
  • Campanula alba 'Weisse Clips') are good dwarf selections that are easily grown from seed; they are sometimes sold as 'Blue Chips' and 'White Chips'.
  • China Doll is a 6 inches-high selection with pale lavender-blue flowers.

clustered bellflower

campanula glomerata

  • Upright, with erect side branches to 12 feet Leaves are broad and somewhat hairy, 24 inches long; basal leaves are wavy edged, stem leaves toothed.
  • Narrow, bell-shaped, 1 inches-long, blue-violet flowers are tightly clustered at stem tops.
  • Summer bloom.
  • Plant in shaded borders.
  • Seed-grown strains Superba and Alba are deepest purple and white, respectively.
  • Caroline is lavender.
  • Joan Elliott is deep violet-blue.
  • Purple Pixie has violet-purple flowers on 14 inches stems.

milky bellflower

campanula lactiflora

  • Erect, branching plant to 3125 feet tall.
  • Oblong, toothed leaves, 23 inches long.
  • Broadly bell-shaped to star-shaped, 1 inches-long, white to pale blue flowers in drooping clusters at ends of branches.
  • Summer bloom.
  • Plant in back of borders in sun or partial shade.
  • Endures even dry shade and is long lived.
  • Loddon Anna has pale pink flowers.
  • Pouffe (lavender) and 'White Pouffe' form a 10 inches bloom-covered mound.

peach-leafed bluebell

campanula persicifolia

  • Graceful, strong-growing plant with bright green foliage.
  • Narrow basal leaves, 48 inches long, form a low clump to 112 feet wide.
  • Slender, erect, leafy stems rise 23 feet high in summer, in loose spires of open, cup-shaped, inch-wide blossoms of blue, pink, or white.
  • Choice plants for borders.
  • Easy to grow from seed sown in late spring.
  • Longtime favorite 'Telham Beauty' has 3 inches blue flowers.
  • La Belle and 'White Pearl' have double flowers.
  • Chettle Charm has white flowers softly edged with lavender.
  • Takion White and 'Takion Blue' are heavy blooming and compact at 18 inches tall.

serbian bellflower

campanula poscharskyana

  • Vigorous grower forms a spreading mound to 8 inches high, 2 feet wide.
  • Mid-green leaves are an elongated heart shape, to 3 inches long and 3 inches wide.
  • Branching, semiupright flower stems reach 1 feet long or more, with star-shaped, 1 inches-wide flowers in lavender or grayish white.
  • Blooms from spring to late summer.
  • Needs only moderate water; good ground cover for dryish shade.
  • Alba has white flowers.
  • Blue Waterfall ('Camgood') has light blue flowers with white centers.
  • Remove spent flower stems with a gentle tug to prevent reseeding.

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