Georgia Woman Rescues Kittens Thrown Out Of A Car Window

“Justice will be sought for these innocent little kittens.”

A Georgia woman “couldn’t believe what she saw” when she found two abandoned kittens on the side of a busy intersection.  

Rescued Kittens

Planned PEThood of GA

The woman was suspicious when she saw another person toss what she thought was trash out of a car window. She pulled her car over to inspect and found the kittens.  

“The good Samaritan kept the kittens overnight and brought them into Planned PEThood,” the next morning according to a post on the organization’s Facebook page.  

The kittens took a bottle and the organization quickly lined up a foster family to take the kittens home.  

Employees at Planned PEThood called the Duluth, Georgia police department and filed a report. The police department sent a “compassionate cat dad” - Officer Baalson - to help and the department is investigating the incident as animal cruelty.  

Officer Baalson

Planned PEThood of GA

“Despite the sad start to the morning, we were grateful someone noticed the kittens and stopped to help,” the post said.  

“Justice will be sought for these innocent little kittens.” 

Planned PEThood is asking for donations to help the kittens at, or on PayPal using

Five days later, they provided an update on the wee ones and while a third kitten that was found later that same day didn’t make it, the other two kittens are doing well in their foster home.

“Thank you to the Good Samaritans who helped the kitties out, Officer Baalson at the Duluth Police Department, and everyone who has supported these two itty bitty kitties! We couldn't help them without your generosity and support.”

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