Old Forester And King Ranch Release Limited-Edition Bourbon

Old Forester bottled bourbon

Courtesy of King Ranch and Brown-Forman

Two legendary Southern brands have joined forces and released a special bourbon that is sure to be a hot item this holiday season.

Louisville, Ky.-based Brown-Forman Corporation and Texas-based King Ranch just released a 105-proof limited-edition expression of Old Forester bourbon. Available November 1, the proprietary batch of Old Forester bourbon is sold only in Texas.

Brown-Forman, a whisky brewing company that is seven generations strong in Kentucky, found the perfect partner for this project in the King Ranch family, itself established in 1853 and run since then by eight generations of Texans.

But the strong family connections aren't the only reason the two brands found a like spirit in one another: Brown-Forman brands, which include Old Forester and Woodford Reserve, are a staple of the Kentucky Derby, and King Ranch previously owned three Derby winners, including the 1946 Triple Crown winner Assault.

Bourbon fans will note this batch of Old Forester has several unique characteristics. First, the bourbon is aged in heavily charred barrels for a smoky backbone. And, more importantly for this batch, the bourbon is finished over King Ranch mesquite charcoal.

Mesquite is an invasive species of tree, and it dots the landscape of the ranch everywhere you turn. The folks at King Ranch decided to turn that pest into a secret ingredient. Together with Brown-Forman's whisky innovators, they created their own charcoal from trees harvested from the ranch.

a person's hand is seen holding a glass of brown liquor

Courtesy of King Ranch and Brown-Forman

We recently sampled the bourbon and can report it is a beautifully smooth spirit. Bourbon lovers will appreciate the fruity aromas, rich in toasted notes of pecan and juicy cherry. But each sip is meant to be savored, and lingers with warming flavors of leather and dark chocolate.

This isn't a mixing bourbon, though we wouldn't dare tell you how to enjoy it. We think it's one for enjoying over a slow-melting ice cube on a back porch on a cool fall evening.

If you're looking for a bottle of the Old Forester King Ranch bourbon, you'll need to be in the Lonestar State. Currently, the release is limited to the home state of King Ranch.

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