Zoo Miami Welcomes 3 Adorable Otter Pups

Warning: dangerous levels of cute ahead.

Zoo Miami is celebrating the birth of three impossibly cute North American river otters.

The pups were born to first-time mama Zinnia on Friday, February 5, in a secluded den at the zoo's Everglades exhibit.

While it's still too early to determine the sex of the babies, all three are "being well cared for by Zinnia," the zoo reports. The tiny pups weighed between 136 and 148 grams (about a quarter of a pound!) at time of birth.

"Zinnia and the pups will remain isolated behind the scenes for a still to be determined amount of time to ensure that the first-time mother and her babies have minimal disturbances while they bond and grow," Zoo Miami wrote on Facebook alongside photos of the precious pups.

The father, 5-year-old Edison, came to Zoo Miami in October 2016 after being rescued as an orphan and hand-raised by a group called Wild Florida.

"He is presently separated from Zinnia and the pups so that she can give them her undivided attention which would normally be the case in the wild as the males do not participate in rearing the babies," the post continues.

North American river otters can grow three to four feet long and usually weigh between 12 and 25 pounds. In the wild, they live around 10 years but can live twice that long under human care.

We can't wait to watch these little cuties grow!

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