Four-year-old Jace Lee stood in awe of the drumline.
Dallas Mavericks' Drumline
Credit: Dallas Mavericks Drumline

Jace Lee won't be forgetting Tuesday night's Dallas Mavericks game any time soon, and it's not just because they pulled off a 15 point win over the Orlando Magic. For the four-year-old boy from North Texas, his first professional basketball game was also the first time he ever heard music.

"When we were walking out of the suite, he got a real big, 'Whoa. What's that?'" his father Cody recalled to KTVT of the moment his son heard the celebratory boom of the Mavericks' drumline in the distance.

Jace lost his hearing at a young age, and only recently, with the help of a cochlear implant, has he begun to hear loud sounds.

"He tapped on his processor, and he signed, ‘Where is the sound?'" Brenda, his mom, told the local news station.

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Together the family raced to find the source of the music. When they found the drumline performing on a lower level, Jace stood in awe for a moment and then began to dance to the beat.

A member of the Mavs drumline, Todd Jackson, told KTVT he remembers seeing Jace's reaction to the music. "It's still blowing me away," he said. "Just the fact that—you think about your youngest age, how young you can think of something, and this is going to be one of those moments for him."

"He felt it. He felt it," Jackson continued. "You can see him thinking and see him processing it. He walked right up and got right in."

Cody says he and Brenda will buy Jace a drum set if he wants one, though they know they'll likely come to regret it one day.

"You know, people do take certain things for granted. You don't think about it. You wake up, and you hear stuff," noted Brenda. "It's not the same way for him."