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So you want to hit the road, hop that flight, float on that boat solo? You're not the only one, with interest in solo travel skyrocketing in recent years. But what compels people to want to travel sans companionship?

According to a new poll conducted by market research and data analytics company, YouGov, 46% of people say it's the freedom to choose your own itinerary without input from others. 37% claimed that relaxing and unwinding is easier while alone. For the survey, YouGov included 1,215 U.S. adults in an online survey last month; 66% of respondents said traveling alone is either something they have done or would consider doing.

When it comes to type of vacation, 57% of respondents said they'd be either "very interested" or "somewhat interested" in a trip to another U.S. city, 50% said they'd feel that way about a road trip, and 40% felt similarly about traveling to a foreign city. Only one in four respondents said they'd be "very interested" or "somewhat interested" in camping solo. You can read more about the poll results here.

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So where do you fall on the solo travel spectrum? All about crisscrossing the globe stag or would you rather rally up your BFFs for a group adventure?