Yankee Candle's Christmas Cookie Candle with 13,250 Five-Star Reviews Is on Sale on Amazon Right Now

Christmas. Cookie. Candle.

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Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle, Christmas Cookie
Photo: Courtesy Yankee Candle

We're moving towards the end of October. Which means it's practically November. Which means it's almost December. Which means it's pretty much Christmas. Right?

Well, even if you're not putting your holiday decorations out for another few weeks, we just stumbled upon the most excellent excuse to embrace the wintry spirit a bit early: Yankee Candle's large jar Christmas Cookie candle is currently on sale on Amazon Prime for $21.99. As we discovered from the editors of Delish.com, candle enthusiasts can now snag this sweet-smelling candle for 25% off of its list price.

Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Candle 2
Courtesy Yankee Candle

This festive candle is described as "buttery rich" and smelling like holiday sugar cookies with a top fragrance note of creamy vanilla bean, middle notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and sugar, and base notes of vanilla, butter, and baked goods. Made in America, the candle offers an impressive 110-150 hours of burn-time, giving off its enjoyable scent for many weeks, and imbuing your home that warming, fresh-from-the-oven Christmas cookies smell, even if you aren't baking up a Christmas cookies storm. We also hear this candle makes a pretty excellent gift for the crew you'd typically enjoy a holiday cookies exchange with but may not be able to this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. While it's on sale, you may want to go ahead and buy a few extras so you have them on hand come holiday rush time.

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Share with us, dear readers: What's your absolute favorite candle scent for the holidays? Personally, we're torn between Christmas cookies and any Balsam and/or Cedar wood-inspired creation. This year, it's safe to say we're blowing through our candle budget faster than most. But hey, at least with this Christmas cookie candle we're saving the unnecessary calories while still enjoying plenty of feel-good benefits, sans food coma.

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