Texas Postal Worker Steps in For Easter Bunny

Two letters addressed to Easter Island caught the eye of a kind-hearted postal worker.

Easter Bunny Letter
Photo: Lindsay Walker

For most American families, social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic meant that Easter looked a lot different this year. Sadly, annual gatherings and cherished traditions had to be put on hold to slow the spread of the deadly virus.

But, thanks to a small-town postal worker, one family from Wylie, Texas, was able to keep the Easter magic alive while staying safe.

According to WFAA, it all started with a homeschool assignment. Lindsay Walker suggested that her children, 8-year-old Dylan and 11-year-old Emily, write letters to the Easter Bunny as a writing project.

A quick Google search informed the kids that they should send their letters to Easter Island—an address that caught the eye of a kind-hearted postal worker.

"It put a huge smile on my face to see 2 letters written by your children [to the] "Easter Bunny" at Easter Island," the anonymous worker wrote in a note to the Walker family. "It was so sweet and touched me deeply."

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The postal worker went on to say that the Easter Bunny would come by the Walkers after all, in the form of two packages to be delivered on April 11.

"Just wanted to do something for them to put a smile and their faces, as it will mine as well…" the letter explained.

Sure enough, Emily and Dylan received packages filled with toys and treats from the Easter Bunny.

Easter Bunny Postal Worker
Lindsay Walker

"The Easter Bunny really instilled my faith in humanity," Lindsay told WFAA. "It just seemed very magical for them."

During times like there, for someone to go out of their way for two children they'd never met, meant so much to the family.

"It made me feel like there are so many good people," Lindsay said.

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