Regional airlines perform the worst when it comes keeping track of your luggage.

By Meghan Overdeep
February 27, 2018
Lester Lefkowitz/Getty Images

Lost luggage is an unfortunate reality of air travel. Try as they may to keep a handle on everybody's precious cargo, it seems like airlines still manage to lose travelers' belongings at an alarming rate—or do they?

According to the most recent Air Travel Consumer Report from the U.S. Department of Transportation, on average two to three passengers per 1,000 experience lost luggage. Not surprisingly, some airlines are worse than others. The report found that lost-baggage reports were most common among the regional carriers, with Atlanta-based ExpressJet and Utah's SkyWest ranked the worst, while Spirit Airlines ranked best.

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Where does your favorite airline rank? From best to worst, see below for 12 of the nation's most popular carrier's mishandled bag reports per 1,000:

  1. Spirit: 1.61
  2. JetBlue: 1.65
  3. Virgin America: 1.78
  4. Alaska: 1.81
  5. Delta: 1.82
  6. United: 2.38
  7. Frontier: 2.67
  8. Hawaiian: 2.75
  9. Southwest: 2.83
  10. American: 2.84
  11. SkyWest: 3.12
  12. ExpressJet: 3.88